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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Johnson's Utahrd Itinerary

As you should all know by now, the Johnson's are once again coming to Utahrd to see all our fabulous friends and family. I have listed a calendar below for your viewing pleasure. We don't yet have a specific plan once we get to SLC, because Jory's family comes first. But we would like to see everyone and Partly Like the (pregnant) Rock Stars we are!

We will keep you posted on the possibility of any parties we will be attending as well as dinner gatherings. If you don't see us, it's not from our lack of trying. We've been to Utahrd 3 times in the last year and a half (Not counting our recently trip to Koosharem, UT). How many times have you come to see us? That's Right Bitches! We love you all anyway!

See you soon!

Fri. 21st-Leaving AZ, Late Lunch in Cedar City, Stay in Provo

Sat. 22nd-Driving to Thayne, WY, Staying at Shane & Jessie's new house

Sun. 23rd-Family BBQ at Shane's

Mon. 24th-Driving to Logan, BBQ (Everyone is welcome to come) at Joey's mom's house

Tue. 25th-Driving to Salt Lake City, Stopping in Ogden to see Sara's new house

Wed. 26th-In or around SLC or Provo

Thur. 27th-In or around SLC or Provo

Fri. 28th-Partying in SLC (somewhere)

Sat. 29th-Probably hanging in Provo with Jory's dad

Sun. 30th-Driving home to Phoenix


Mr. E Mann said...

Nobody seems to leave UT to vacation to visit their friends as often as we go back to visit everyone there. It's surprising to us as we like to get the hell out of UT more than go back. :)

Joey Girl said...

Tell me about it! I bet we'll go to visit Todd and Darby in Florida before the likes of Tom, Rod or any of my girlfriends (minus Juli) and husbands comes to visit us!

Jory said...

No lie. I am sure someone will have some smartassed comment about how we must really love Pootah, but, seriously I am never going back there in the winter. We got pretty used to it when we moved to Nibley though, we hardly had any visitors at all.

Joey Girl said...

True statement Mr. Johnson...only an hour & 8 minutes away and very few friends came up for a visit. I guess we aren't as kool as we think we are.

tom said...

i'm afraid to leave the protective bubble to much

Joey Girl said...

Tom, Isn't that what garments are for? LMAO!

Mr. E Mann said...

ROFL, Joey! Well, personally, we can't wait to make a winter trip to AZ to get out of the cold and finally see the Grand Canyon after all these times driving passed it (if it's open year round anyway).
It's a bummer it has to be in UT for us all to get together at one time, but we're excited none-the-less.

Joey Girl said...

That's why we've planned almost all our vacations during the summer. (That and Jory's refusal to travel to Utah in the winter, ever again.)
We thought it would be nice to get out of the heat, but SLC has been in the triple digits the last two weeks, so it's not going to be much of a cool down. But we are excited to see everyone, unless everyone decides to dog us, like the last time ;)

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