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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My BOOBS are exploding...

Wednesday June 7, 2006
I’m getting used to waking up early to go get my shot. I don’t have to wait too long now. They call me in quick and take care of business.

Today I went home to get dressed for work and put on one of my form fitting girl button up shirts and my boobs were exploding out the holes. I had to show Jory, we laughed. We can't really afford to have to purchase new clothes already. Aaaaand my boobs are big enough, everyone that knows me can tell you that!

It’s getting easier to work, I spend most my time on the boards. Although I get real sleepy after my lunch, I might have fallen asleep for a second or two while working. Shhh!


Mr. E Mann said...

LOL, the whole pregnancy/having a kid is a crazy boob adventure.

Joey Girl said...

NO KIDDING! I've always heard about how it changes your entire body...but I never knew the extent of it and I'm only 3 months along. Jory and I get all wide eyed every time we discover something new! LOL

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