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Monday, July 10, 2006

We've been keeping a secret...


I'm 3 months as of yesterday, we waited to say anything because we wanted to make it past the first trimester. Baby Johnson is due January 22nd and we don't know whether it's a boy or a girl yet. We want to thank everyone who has been there for us through our struggle for the last 5 years. We are extremely excited for this new adventure!


Michelle and Michael said...

Congrats you two!!! We are so excited for you. Please keep us posted of all the new news. Hope to see you when you are here in Utah.

Mr. E Mann said...

FUCKING A!!!! HOORAY!!! Congratulations!!! I'm SO excited for you two!

Keep us posted and we'll keep our fingers crossed for as easy of a pregnancy as possible! Are you going to find out the sex, or wait and be surprised?
Looks like Sweet Baby Jane is going to have a new cause. ;) (Celebratory stash for Jory and/or cash for baby stuff.)

I've been pushing the pace here as fast as possible to get to UT as soon as possible so we can catch you guys and my family's Bear Lake trip. It's looking like we're going to make it in time. Can't wait to hang out! Take care of yourself and make sure Jory spoils you (as I'm sure he probably already has been). :)

Athena said...

Woohoo!!! Right on!! How have you been feeling? Have you had morning sickness or anything? For me the 2nd trimester was the time I felt the best.. I'm way excited for you!! Congrats!

Joey Girl said...

Thank you guys! We've had such a hard time keeping it a secret.

We do (I really do) want to know if it's a boy or a girl (to make buying baby stuff as easy as possible). Jory wasn't sure if he wanted to know, but our doctor wasn't shy about putting his best guess out there during all the ultrasounds. Of course we won't know until sometime in August.

Eric...I did take one more day off Sunday July 30th that way we wouldn't have to drive home Saturday. Remember Rod's birthday is July 29th.

Thankfully, I haven't had any morning sickness. It's probably because my body wasn't producing enough hormones to sustain the pregnancy on my own. I've had to get daily progesterone shots since the end of May. I had my last one last Friday! Although they can't say whether morning sickness is caused by the extra hormones or not, so I may have just been one of the lucky ones!

I've been extremely tired which is made worse by the progesterone pills which act like sleeping pills. I've also been a tiny bit moody, but you could blame that on being tired 24/7. I'm not really having cravings, but I did eat 3 or possibly 4 pickles last night. But I've always loved pickles! LOL

Joey's Mom said...

When Joey had her tonsels out at 17 the only thing she would eat were those big dills.
Get used to being tired. It is another part of this great adventure ride you are taking.
I love you, and Jory too!

Joey Girl said...

It sounds so NAUGHTY when you say Big Dills, Mom! You dirty bird. LOL!

That's funny you mentioned the pickle eating after my tonsils were taken, because I was going to add it then decided not to.

Mr. E Mann said...

That's good to hear you'll be there one more day. Is there going to be a party for Rod's birthday? We'll be up at the lake the 29th so we will have to try and hang out with him Friday or Sunday unfortunately.

It's good that you are already about 1/3 of the way there too. I hate being tired myself so I can empathize but at least the time will fly fast in many ways. :)

LOL, Big Dills could be a great name for a porno! (Not that I want that in my head next time I try to enjoy a pickle.)

Athena said...

Yuck! I like pickels too (especially big ones lol) but I got my tonsils out as kid and the last thing in the world I wanted was a pickel. Yep, being tired all the time sucks. Still really excited for ya!!!

Dani said...

Joey!!!! I'm SO excited for you!!! I've always had my fingers crossed for you two! No one deserves it more!! Jamie says congrats, too! She actually called and told me. Yay!!

Joey Girl said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We love and appreciate you all! Don't worry I'm sure we'll keep you all informed more than you ever wanted to be.

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