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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

“Yes mom, still pregnant.”

Monday May 29, 2006
Took another test this morning, I woke Jory to tell him I’m still PREGNANT! It’s Memorial Day, so I can’t call the doctor yet to make my appointment. Mom called today, I had told her I was planning on taking another test today. “Yes mom, still pregnant.” This is going to be really hard for her. At least Jory and I can talk to each other about it, she has no one. She says she’s trying not to think about…that’s not working for me! I’ve already started an online baby registery, I have to keep myself busy somehow. In case someone happens to find it, I know it’s unlikely but just in case, I made the due date November 1st. The birthmom is due in November, so everyone will just assume it's for the adoption.

My boobs are still sore, no morning sickness though.

Not smoking is easy so far, but I know it’s not going to be this easy for long!

I’m having a really hard time not telling the world I’m pregnant! I really hope I can get in to my doctors on Tuesday! I know that by taking 2 tests, it’s pretty much a FOR SURE thing, but I don’t want to let myself get too excited before the doctor says I’m OK. I’m just so surprised it worked the first time! What a miracle. I don’t know how I’ll deal if I miscarry. Please don’t let me miscarry!


Mr. E Mann said...

:) This must have been (and I'm sure still is) such an exciting (sometimes scary) time at the Johnson house!

I had mentioned to Athena a few weeks ago that something seemed a little strange in that you hadn't mentioned the adoption in some time. No updates on the fund raising or how the adoption was going after sending our letters...
I was even going to ask you for an update, but for some reason just never did. It all came together and made sense when you made your announcement. :)

Joey Girl said...

Yeah...I had to start posting about WHATEVER just so people wouldn't suspect. But I couldn't even post updates on the adoption, since we hadn't heard any news.

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