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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Call To Action

I've seen this a few times and figured I better post it before I forget.

From Starting at noon on September 1 2006, major websites and blogs all across the Internet will replace their front pages with the single word “Impeach” in simple white text on a black background. For 24 hours, web surfers and blog readers will see that word first when they visit their favorite sites. In this way, we hope to get the public talking about the one tool guaranteed by the Founders to restore our Constitutional Democracy.

Everything you need to join is here.

This is what your front page will look like on Sept. 1st.


Jory said...

Count me in!

Mr. E Mann said...

Oh yeah! A great idea and I'm down for it! :)

Athena said...

can you do it to your myspace page?

Joey Girl said...

Technically I would think you could do it with your MySpace, using an editor. But you two would know more about that than me in regards to MySpace, since I have yet to edit mine.

Glad to hear from you both...thought maybe you guys had been abducted by aliens.

Mr. E Mann said...

Always busiest at the beginning and end of a project. :)

Joey Girl said...

I see says the blind wo-man.

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