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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Please take the time to watch this!

Loose Change 2nd Edition - 911 Cover Up
Korey Rowe / Dylan Avery / Jason Bermas


Joey Girl said...

I was trying to edit the video post to include the link to the Loose Change website but everytime I edited it, the video would stop working so, hopefully if you are interested in the post you will check the comments.

Check out the website:

Regina said...


We moved the boys to toddler beds so we have a spare crib. Would you guys be interested? I wasn't sure if you'd be back up to SLC or if someone in your family would be going down there. Let me know.

Hope you're feeling good. I saw at the bottom of your blog it say you may start feeling the baby kick around this time. Have you felt anything yet?

Take care,

Joey Girl said...


We would love to use your spare crib! I've been stressing about how to afford one, along with everything else. I'm sure our parents would help us, but I'm sure you know how we feel times 2!

We won't be making it back to Utah before the baby is here, but Jory's brother is planning on coming out sometime soon and I'm sure some of our other family members are planning a visit this fall or winter too.

I'm sure Jory's brother or mom would be happy to pick it up and store it for us too until they come down this way, if you want.

I was excited to read that too! I had no idea I should be feeling anything this early, I always figured it would be around the 5th month, not the 4th. I don't think I have felt anything yet. I'm not positive because I've been feeling random things, but more like weird pains for a few seconds, but when I move to a different sitting position it goes away. I don't think that's the baby moving, but I guess it's possible? I always figured it would be an obvious feeling.

Feeling really good, still tired most of the time but nothing like I was in the first trimester.

My next appointment is Aug. 17th and we're hoping to find out the sex! We're so excited!

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