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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

We have Movement!

19 Weeks 1 Day - Movement

I've been reading lately on my message board that at this stage I should be feeling movement and most of the ladies that haven't felt anything have actually seen movement or felt it by putting their hands on their belly. So for the last few nights while watching TV, I sit with my hands on my belly hoping to feel something. Last night it happened! It was so weird, little Freddy moved. The best way I can describe it is if you make a fist with your right hand and cover it with your left hand and then move your right hand slowly.

That moment was just as I expected it would be; exciting, thrilling and creepy. I'm sure everyone can imagine what it would feel like if bugs were crawling under their skin. Now put that bug in your belly and multiply it's size by 50! Crazy eh?

I can't wait to feel her move on the inside but also know that means there will be times when Freddy will keep me up with her calisthenics. Hopefully she won't be stubborn like her father when I suggest that it's bedtime.


Mr. E Mann said...

The first time Mat moved was when Athena was driving to work listening to Led Zeppelin! :)
It just gets odder as the baby gets larger. In the last trimester you start seeing those movements you described clearly from the outside...there goes a knee or an elbow protruding and moving across the flesh.

It's exciting/crazy enough to be the man, I'd have no desire to feel the process any more personally. ;)

Kids have a faster clock. They play harder and get tired earlier and sleep longer (babies are another story of course). They are flexible on schedule as long as you make sure and meet the requirements of being as consistant as possible and giving them proper attention. For instance Mat will go to bed at anything from 9-10 (if we all were actually going to bed that early and told him it was bed time) to 1-4 (which is normal to extremely late of a night for him at 3-4) and he doesn't show any worse for the wear on late nights as long as he gets the same amount of sleep as on early nights.

Babies however are the adventure. It's a 24-hour clock (sleep, eat, shit/piss, hang out, repeat) that I'm sure you'll be grateful that Jory is set to help out on with his wild time schedule capabilities (worked well for us). :)

Athena said...

Feeling it move is the coolest thing in the world. They always move more when you are still (at night when you're sleeping...) fun stuff!

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