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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Guess Who's 2 Years Old Today!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!


Jory said...

Happy Birthday! You should update some Amazon wish list or something so everyone knows what to get you...

Mazzy Star said...

Happy B-day Mom, I guess this new "visitor" is some sort of present. Well, don't expect me to get you much, 'cause I am a dog, and I got no money, and I am very, very upset that I have to share "my" bed.

PS-Expect a "surprise" hiding in or around your pillow.

I love you,
Miss Mazzy

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Joey! You deserve the best year EVER!


tom said...

yeah, was everybody else said!

sorry, we couldn't see y'all last week. do you still love us?

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