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Sunday, February 25, 2007

I need your address! And a recovery upate. UPDATED

When I'm back to full health I'll be working on something for Jack and I need your home address. So send them to me via email or MySpace message pretty please.

OH I guess I'll update you on my recovery status. I should be back to work no later than March 5th. I got my stitches out this past Wednesday and didn't actually see my doctor so I'm waiting for the phone call. I'm doing better everyday, trying to sit up more often to get ready for the 8 hours of sitting in a chair at work. Taking less and less vicodin because a mushy brain sounds fun but doesn't go well when trying to assist technically challenged retards who can't figure out on their own what to do when their computer is totally frozen. (For those of you retards reading this who don't know the answer, push and hold the power button until your computer powers off and never, ever turn it back on. Turn and step away from the computer!) follow up appointment is March 1st, so cross your fingers people, we really need good news!

Don't forget to email or message me your address.

UPDATE: My follow up appointment has been moved to next Monday March 5th so now I won't be back to work until next Tuesday. A bit longer to wait for my biopsy results, but it's an extra day to recover before returning to work.

Peace out!

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Michelle said...

How was the Doc visit?

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