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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Minor complications...what else would you expect.

OK so here's how my surgery went.

It wouldn't be US if there weren't minor complications during my surgery. I shouldn't have been, but I was surprised to find out they found an adhesion on my previously MIA ovary. The adhesion was connecting my ovary to my stomach, this pulled my ovary up and away from my fallopian tube. Apparently the adhesion was caused by my last surgery, it's like scar tissue. It could have also been caused by my endometriosis. But it's good I had surgery to find it because organ to organ adhesions will kill you!

My doctor scraped the endo out and lasered my cysts. Hopefully we'll be getting the biopsy results tomorrow when I get my stitches removed, if not tomorrow then March 1st at my follow up appointment.

Some of you may remember from last time I had major problems with anesthesia. They had to quadruple the amount they normally give people to knock me out. And it took 4 hours in recovery to get me to wake up and after I got home, I was still out of it for the first 5 days. Also, let's not forget I almost died from lack of oxygen.

So this time after the usual pre-OR, relax you "cocktail" he also gave me Ketamine better known as Special K. By doing that, he was able to give me the standard amount of anesthesia to knock me out. It's funny I remember telling him as they were prepping me for surgery that I was totally sober and it was scaring me, maybe the cocktail he gave me wasn't strong enough. He told me to relax he was giving me another drug that was a lot like Acid, LOL! I thought it was really funny that a Doctor was using the term Acid instead of LSD. Then I was worried that I was so stoned maybe I told him I had done Acid back in the day. I don't remember anything after that, but the doctor told Jory that I really liked it. LOL! Anyway, I woke up much easier this time and was in recovery for half the time.

They also gave me much stronger pain killers since they had to cut me open a bit more then planned. They told us it was an intensely more technical surgery then last time and I would be in a lot of pain. That was no joke! However keeping up on the pain killers has helped lessen the pain. I started lowering my dosage a few days ago and I'm feeling it.

Anyway, that's all my vicodin brain can take.

OH...THANKS for all the well wishes!


Michelle said...

Well I guess it just wouldn't be you if there weren't a few hiccups. I am glad to hear that this recovery is going better than the last. Make sure to take good care of yourself and please let me know if I can do anything.

Much Love!

Mr. E Mann said...

:) funny that he said acid rather than lsd and even saying lsd is a bold statement for a doc to make.

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