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Monday, April 09, 2007

The Devil & The Angel

Jimi & Mazzy


tom said...

awww, cute lil' poopers.

hey, have you guys ever seen

It's online Risk, some of April's friends turned me on to it, it's a blast.

I thought we should get Jory, Joey, Rod, Eric, Athena, and whoever else wants to play. YOu can play real time or take your time, there's a max of 24 hours to take your turn, but you can get skipped, however there's no penalty for it.

check it out

Joey said...

I'll have to check the when I get home, it's websensed at work. Sounds like truck loads of fun.

Mr. E Mann said...

Yep, we'd be down for some gaming. :)

tom said...

everyone should set up an account and then let everyone know what the user names are. That way, you can go into gamefinder and search for games with those perticular user. I'm tkt. You can also start you own games...

It's cool, there are TONS of different maps to play, from Classic World to Space, I'm currently playing a game where you take over Congress!

You can play up to 4 games concurrently, unless you get the premium membership, which costs $20. However, if one has that membership, you can play as many as you want to at a time, and you can set up private games. That's what i'd like to do, then we can play games w/o and Joe Shmoe crashing our party...

I told Rod about it, he's game...

Joey said...

I'll try to remember tonight and get on it. Game On Bitches!

tom said...

i ponied up $20.

I've created a private game.

the game number is: 356298

logon on check your inboxes for the password

It's about as classic a setup as there is EXCEPT there are unlimited fortifications..good to start everyone off with.

be there or be square..

tom said...

joey, you're the last one we need..

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