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Monday, July 09, 2007

Here we go again

Wow so much yet so little has happened recently. In alphabetical order...

A. What's it called? Show And Tell
I found this website: and I can't get enough of the pictures listed!
Here's one: Oh The Irony

and I SO have to get me one of these:

B. Se7en Se7en Se7en
7/7/7 came and went and I didn't even realize. Did you?

C. Jory The Anti Blogger Johnson
Jory still hasn't posted a long has it been? Some where near 3 months?

D. Her Royal Highness Jimi, has lost her privates!
Jimi got spayed this past Friday. It was heartbreaking leaving her at the hospital. Picking her up and seeing her all doped up and sad was even worse! I took some video of her Heroin Nod and will get it posted it ASAhumanlyP. I felt horrible for making her go through that. I'll know how she feels when I surrender my ovaries soon enough, thankfully she doesn't know what she lost. Yesterday she started feeling better and she even started jumped up on the couch again, but because I had been lifting her up on the couch and setting her down on the ground, she now refuses to jump down. She'll jump up, but she won't jump down. It was cute at first but it's getting out of control. She cries now when I leave the room because I SO rudely forgot to move her highness to the ground!

E. Spilling Jory's Beans
Since Jory won't post a blog and I have something to tell you all that is directly linked to what he hasn't blogged about, he's forcing me to spill the beans. So yeah, Jory got a new job making oodles of money or at least it's oodles to us, to the average family it's an upgrade from SPAM to Ham. Jory thinks we're millionaires but really it's just going to make paying this new mortgage a little less painful. So go on now, bug Jory to tell you all about his new job. Oh and the reason I had to spill the beans is because his new hours are 8-5 a normal day job. SO LAME! Working 3pm to midnight was putting a damper on cuddle time with my husband so I've retired my vampire hours and am now working a semi day shift (when I just typed shift it actually came out as shit which is how I feel about daytime hours) I started this new shitty shift, 10 am to 7 pm today and it's actually not going too horribly. I'm tired...because I wasn't able to fall asleep until some time after 4 am. I was up once at 7 am when Jimi cried from on the couch after Jory left for work. I would have left Her Royal Hiney on the couch, but I really wanted to sleep for another hour. Then I unconsciously snoozed until 9 am...when I should be walking out the door or at least on my way to the door or thinking about the door, not waking up! Within 15 minutes I was on my way out the Frackin' (he he...I'm sure Jory will be the only one who gets my "he he" since he's the only one on the planet that watches Battlestar Galactica the series) door and would have made it on time, however a flatbed truck with bags of cement decided it was tired and didn't want to hold the heavy cement anymore and dumped it on the 60 West slowing traffic to an old man with a broken walker's pace. I ended up being only 6 minutes late. Crazy.

F. We've Got HUGE Mail
After 5 weeks, we finally have a mailbox up! It will be so nice not to have to drive to the post office and wait in line for 30 minutes to pick up my god damn mail! You should see it, it's GIGANTIC, perfect for all my prescription pills and VW Bugs I receive in the mail. Actually you will see it, after I get done painting it, I'll post a picture so you can all be jealous! Here's a preview for your pleasure: (obviously that is not our address, don't think you can come stalk and kill me)
G. Utahrd Bound
Jory's time off request for Christopher's wedding was approved, so the Johnson's will be headed to Utahrd August 23-27th. It's another short trip, but he did just get the job so we're lucky he got any time off. Hopefully we'll be able to fit in some "Friendly" visits.

H. Hostel
Have you seen this movie? I loved it. I like blood and guts movies so it was right up my alley. I know I'm late with this review, Jory and I haven't been out to a movie in over 2 years! The last movie we went to was A History of Violence and it sucked ass. Hostel 2 is better, the ending is awesome! No it's not in theaters yet....I'm sneaky and watched it online.

I. Now I'm just making shit up to make it through the alphabet.

J. Blockbuster Shenanigans
We recently joined the Blockbuster online DVD Total Access. It's awesome, maybe I'll start a daily review of all the movies we are watching. No I won't. I keep promising shorter more often posts, how the hell do I expect to post daily movie reviews? I can't. Maybe occasional reviews. Here's a few to start with:
1. Charlotte's Web...Loved it! A must have in your DVD library.
2. Turistas...Pretty Good, similar to Hostel. Wouldn't watch again even if it were on HBO.
3. Stranger Than Fiction...Not as funny as I expected with Will Ferrel, but I would suggest it to a friend.
4. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Beginning...Really good, it's hard to scare me or gross me out and this definitely did the job! Way more gore then Hostel!
5. Hannibal Rising....I liked it, I would suggest you see it, but I won't buy it. You'd be screwed up if you were forced to eat your sister too!
6. Babel...Interesting, glad I saw it but it's not a must see. I must say...Brad is hot whether they make him look old or not!
7. Saw 3...Loved it...I like how they explained and showed how the first two were done. I'd buy it.
8. Big probably haven't heard of this one, no need to look this new release up.
9. Da Vinci Code...Loved it, I'd buy it if I find it on sale for $10 or less.
10. Deja Vu...AWESOME! I really loved it. Watched it 3 times in two days. Definitely buying it.
11. The Departed...pretty good. If you like dirty cop, mobster movies you'll like this.
12. Deliver Us From Evil...I love documentaries so I was interested immediately. Moving from one parish to another in Northern California during the 1970s, Father Oliver O'Grady quickly won each congregation's trust and respect. Unbeknownst to them, O'Grady was a dangerously active pedophile that Church hierarchy, aware of his predilection, had harbored for over 30 years, allowing him to abuse countless children. Juxtaposing an extended, deeply unsettling interview with O'Grady himself with the tragic stories of his victims, filmmaker Amy Berg bravely exposes the deep corruption of the Catholic Church and the troubled mind of the man they sheltered. IMDB

K. Nuff said...Peace out!


Jonathan said...

'Friendly Vists'?? I hope one is to our house!!!!

Oh yeah - Deja Vu was an exellent movie that I wasn't too sure about when my wife brought it home - a great movie suprise!

Mr. E Mann said...

Glad to hear there is good news!!! Our computer has been having trouble and I haven't been able to do much on blogger lately, but it's great to hear you've had some good luck!

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