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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Moab Trip in the Works - Labor Day Weekend!

I know it's early...hopefully that will mean more people will be in attendance...but the Johnson's will be going to Moab August 31st thru September 2nd or 3rd for Jack's 1st Birthday and anniversary of his death. If we get word from more then a couple of people, we will reserve a large campsite for $50 at Slickrock so we don't end up driving around searching for spots as it will be a busy (holiday) weekend.

We'll be doing something special for Jack, whether that be birthday cake & ice cream or I don't know...I have some ideas but I'll get back to you on that.

Let me know ASAP if you think you'll be there!


Mr. E Mann said...

It would be great to see you guys and do Moab again, especially since Athena and I have our anniversary on sep. 2 and would like to get away. Unfortunately she can't take any more days off until at least October... :( Looks like we'll have to enjoy your pictures and try and get together later this year.

Joey said...

Well so far we have zero in attendance LOL! That's kool, we're still going regardless.
If anyone's plans or minds change just let us know as soon as you can, otherwise we won't worry about making sure everyone can camp together.

Jonathan said...

Dang it! I want to goto Moab again too, but alas - we just took our vacation last week and have no time either. Maybe another time...

You should call jenni though so you can talk about when yer coming up.

Regina & Robby said...

Robby and I have booked the EMP rate at the HI Express in Moab for Sat & Sunday nights. This means we have high hopes for coming! I'm actually going to try to squeeze Friday night out of them as it's not avail right now.

Our arrival pretty much depends on our ability to deal with the boys. They are 3 and can be quite unpleasant at times :)

Regina & Robby

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