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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mobile Blogging!

Now I'll be able to blog on the go. When we get to Moab and find a camping spot, I'll blog the location for those of you who are going to suprise us with your presence. he he


johnsoncody said...

Sorry I missed y'all this past weekend. Update: I've turned down yet another job. It seems silly, I know. But, I am dedicated to returning to school, despite what the "pros" have advised me. It all comes down to this, I'd be much more happy working in a field I know I enjoy than sitting in an office all day. I'm just not that type. So, if it means spending two and a half more years of school, so be it. This time around I'm going to do it right though and do an internship or two in order to make some contacts. I'm excited to be starting over, but also anxious because I don't know how I'm going to live.

Well, hope you had a good time down in Moab. It was nice to see you and Jory again.

tom said...

sorry we couldn't make it down to see you guys. Hope all went well!

Joey said...

First off, the Mobile Blogging didn't work. I mobile blogged our camp location (Cluster F site 1) and it sent back a message saying thanks for starting a new mobile blog...WTF? So apparently if I'm in Utah it thinks I have a different number. LAME!

Cody, we did miss you in Moab but we understand it's a long drive for a day since you refuse to camp, loser! he he just kidding. I'm glad you are going back to school to do what you love, I know it will all work out and you'll be so much more happy in life.

Tom? You're alive? Where in hell have you been? I've sent you numerous messages and emails and you have ignored me. RUDE. Ok I'm over it. How are you and are "things"?

johnsoncody said...

I would camp out more, but I've seen way too many "The Hills Have Eyes" movies. I suspect you have voted on my most recent poll. I just posted a new rant about why I started that poll and maybe it will update where I am.

Second, I need help naming my music blog. I got a comment from some random kid. I don't like his suggestions.

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