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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Utahrd Bound

We leave for Utah tonight. Hopefully we'll see some friends while we're there. We probably won't check emails that often or at all, so call us if you want to see us!

Peace Out!


regina said...

Hey, what day/time will you be in Moab. We plan to arrive on Friday evening, maybe around dinner time. Traffic may delay us...

Joey said...

We're actually leaving here Thursday night and probably staying in Tuba City, AZ that night. We should be in Moab Friday early afternoon. I'm going to call and see if there are any reserved spots open, in case there are any last minute decisions to come and have fun with us. If not we'll find a spot and call you and let you know where we will be.

Joey said...

Ok so the reserved sites are taken and they won't let us reserve site F6 but they said they didn't fill up last year and they don't expect to be full this weekend, so hopefully we'll find a spot (in Sandflats/Slickrock campground). We normally camp in Cluster F so that's where we'll be headed first. Call us when you get to town and we'll let you know where we ended up.

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