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Friday, October 05, 2007

Photos from Utah Part 1

Here are some of my favorite photos from Utah. You can see the entire set on my photo blog.
Christopher & Fawn's Wedding
August 25, 2007

My nephew Haiden, the party animal.

My new nieces Smiley & Munchkin

My favorite part of the ceremony. I knew this was going to happen.

Sprout, Smiley, Mystery girl & Munchkin

Sweet lil' Munchkin

Smiley not so smiley

Munchkin the Angel

The Family
Minus Jason, Pim and the 3 princesses
(L to R)
Dad, Mom, Jessie, Shane, Fawn, Haiden, Christopher, Me, Jory & Colby
(and the pups)

1 comment:

Mr. E Mann said...

Looks like you have some cute little neices and nephew! Your family is looking healthy and happy there.
It was GREAT to get to hang out with Shane and Jessie when we were in town a few weeks ago! We were talking about trying to figure out how to get us all together for an event in 08. Maybe we all come down to you or we meet at Shane's or we all meet up somewhere else fun. Anything sounds good to us so we'll have to figure something out. :)

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