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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Taking A Break

After we didn't get pregnant this last time, I was scheduled to start Endo treatments for the next 3 months. My doctor is going to put me on Lupron for three months, then surgery again, early next year to dye test my tubes, biopsy and laser the cysts and scrape the Endo from my uterus. We will then try again for a couple months (I think) and if blood tests aren't good, then it's back to Lupron for another 3 months.

When I left the doctor's office I started thinking about how drained I am of all of this. I'm tired of 4 doctor's appointments a month, I'm tired of shots and pills and bad news. I'm just tired. I need a break. Although I feel this way every month, I have never really thought about taking a month off because I'm so determined to get pregnant. But since I can't take fertility treatments this month anyway, it seemed like the best time to BREATH.

Still, this plan was all just in my head, as usual. It was not until this most recent pharmaceutical adventure began that I thought I really might do this. The pharmacy called and told me they can't order Lupron, my insurance wants me to go through a special pharmacy. I called their number and had to set up this special account for "special" drugs. They would contact my doctor and if my insurance covers it, it would be Fed Ex'd to me Monday. I was supposed to take it into my doctor LAST Thursday or Friday so he could show me how to inject myself, then I would do it by myself afterwards. I figured it might not hurt to wait until Tuesday, but here we are on Wednesday and I still haven't heard a word or received my damn drugs!

I guess it's official, this is my first break in 2 years (minus the 2 months after Jack was born). Obviously there is no break from my regular regime of prescriptions but I don't have to get naked at the Dr's 3 times this month, I don't have to take the fertility pills, I don't have to get the shots and I don't have to start feeling like I'm in early menopause for another month.

Much Breathing and unscheduled sex will now ensue.


Obi-wan Cenody said...

I really am sorry that you have gone through so much. It can't be easy. If you guys ever need anything, let me know.

Regina said...

We're always thinking about you...this time to breath as you say may be just what you need.

We miss you and hope to see you again soon.

Regina & Robby

p.s. I met Tom and Eric at a frisbee golf course last week on the most beautiful day of the fall it seemed. I realized that Robby and I should give the game a try. Call us next time you're in SLC during frisbee golf weather!

Joey said...

Cody...Jory would say, A million dollars. ;)

We will absolutely go frisbee golfing with you guys!

Hey what are Charlie and Eli dressing up as for Halloween?

Regina said...

Pirates! They were Captain Hook crazy for a while so we went with it. Eli said today that he'd like to be a princess...Snow White. I thought, well she's cooler than the others with her black hair and stuff! :)

Mr. E Mann said...

What a rough regiment! I'll say it again, you are a brave woman. I am VERY glad that you'll get this little and well deserved break. And Jory too it sounds like from the unplanned fun. ;)

As always we are hoping for the best for you both and hoping all the time to hear some good news has come your way! Rest up and know that we are all here for you!

LOL, was it what I brought you that made the day the most beautiful of the fall or the weather, Regina? :) No, it was a really pretty day and we had a great time playing.
Nice, Matrim was a ghost pirate last year after seeing the latest Pirates movie. This year we are taking advantage of his natural widows peak and he's going vampire, ruffles fangs and all. Aviendha is going to be a snow princess...she has a white dress with cape and hood and Athena is going to paint snow flakes on her cheeks. Good old Halloween. I miss the days of doing the trick or treating myself. :)

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