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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

2 Weeks Away

Remember when you were a kid. Did you make lists of toys you wanted for your birthday or Xmas? I did...I never got what I wanted but I made lists every year. My Xmas list was the best, I would cut the picture out of the catalog and tape it to my list. Or I would just put paper markers in the page of the catalog and circle the items I wanted. Again, I never got anything I circled or put on my list. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying...I wasn't spoiled. I think my mom is gift giving challenged. Most of my friends have heard the story about each of us kids getting ketchup for Xmas a few years ago. Yeah, Ketchup! We tell her not to get us anything, just having dinner together is good enough for us, but she likes giving us stuff even if it's just stuff. Don't get me wrong, we used the ketchup and the mustard and relish, not to mention the carpet cleaner has lasted for at least 3 years now! Anyway, since I'm running out of things to blog about I figured I would make a Birthday List, fully expecting to not receive anything on my list, but just because it's fun to make the list.

Here's my List of 31 things for my 31st birthday:

1. Mongoose MGX Atlas Women's Mountain Bike or similar

2. Pet Carrier for bikes...the girls have to come with me!

3. Nikon D40x 10.2 MP Digital SLR Camera or similar

4. Sony PlayStation 3

5. Panasonic PV-GS500 4PM 3CCD MiniDV Camcorder with 12x Optical Image Stabilized Zoon or similar

6. Sonic Impact IF1 Speaker System (for my iPod)

7. Outback Chair CCH-237 Charleston Rope Chair

8. Toyota Highlander Hybrid

9. Toyota Prius

10. Ford Escape Hybrid

11. IKEA Gift Card

12. Target Gift Card

13. Joanne's Gift Card

14. Michael's Gift Card

15. Best Buy Gift Card

16. Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card

17. Linens-N-Things Gift Card

18. Walmart Gift Card

19. Tattoo Money

20. Home Depot Gift Card












I thought it would be fun making this list, but I can't have what I really want and the other items I do want are a little expensive. It's hard to come up with 31 things...I guess my Amazon Wish List has more then 31 items, but that would be boring to copy and paste all of them over here.

I'm bored and over it. Peace Out!

1 comment:

Code-ster said...

Ketchup? What the hell? Was it in little packages like you get at McDonalds, or was it in a jar? What the hell? That's the worst Christmas present ever! Hands down. If I make a list of the worst Christmas presents ever, that might be numero uno.

I used to make lists, I still do too. But my favorite was when I used to help Casey when he was little. I could, and would, convince him to put everything from the catalog on his list. It was actually more a book than a list most of the time.

I'll buy you one of the cars this year, if you buy me one. But mine has to have a stereo that works. And tell Jory I'm still working on getting his million dollars.

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