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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

All Over The Place

I was reading my bro-in-law's website the other day, he posted "Everything I Need to Know, I Learned from Watching Sesame Street.

Being a 30 Something myself, I was also raised with Sesame Street. As I got older, we would watch it for other reasons while under the influence of very fun hallucinogens, but that's another story. Jory and I have had discussions about how kids are so different from when we grew up. The fact that kids don't play night games anymore saddens me, I want my kids to be able to play Kick The Can and Hide and Seek with the neighborhood kids. Or the fact that you rarely see kids playing outside anymore at all, they're all in playing video games or watching TV.

Most all of my memories growing up are playing outside with my friends, in the neighbor's sandbox, on their trampoline or tree house. I remember during the summer, my best friend and I used to follow the canal down the street, all the way to Hyde Park, that's at least 10 miles round trip! We spent all day every day building elaborate tree houses in the summer or snow caves in the winter. It was almost impossible for our parents to get us to come home long enough for dinner, let alone back in at a decent hour after night games.

It's hard to say parents should be letting their kids run around the neighborhood unsupervised with all the sexual predators and kidnappers we hear about on the news. However, what's wrong with chatting up your neighbor while your kids play together? It's good to get to know your neighbors. Wouldn't you like to know that when you're not home your neighbor cares enough to keep an eye on your house and notify you if they see anything suspicious?

Growing up you knew everyone on your street, your parents knew everyone whether they were friends or not. They watched out for you and you watched out for them. What happened to the good ol' days?

When we moved into our new house I was nervous that we'd have bad neighbors. So far it seems they're all pretty nice. They wave or say hello when I drive by. Our neighbor across from us is really kool. He's young like us and digs the Grateful Dead so we knew immediately we'd get along.

I am thankful however for the privacy we've had on our street. When we built our first house in Utah, within 24 hours after moving in, the Relief Society President came over for a visit. After telling her we are not members and are not interested, we continued to receive invitations to church functions.

Funny story goes along with that meeting...during conversation with the RSP, she told us we'd get along well with the neighbor on the corner because they smoke and drink too! Were we smoking or drinking while talking to her? No. Did we have a pack of cigarettes in our hand? No. Did we offer her a cigarette or drink? No. So, if you're not a member then you automatically smoke and drink? YA...that's the mentality of the (active) Mormons in that town. To be fair, she probably saw us out smoking many times before she actually dropped by, however did we ever stand outside with a beer or bottle of Crown? No. Just because we smoke doesn't mean we drink...I haven't had a drink in over 4 years!

The story gets better though....when she introduced herself to our neighbors next door, she told them they would get along great with us because we smoke and drink just like them! SERIOUSLY! gets even better. My madre works at a popular warehouse store and she told me about this lady who was at her register and mentioned something about Nibley Garden Estates (the name of our neighborhood) so my mom (being the social butterfly that she is) told her that her daughter and son inlaw just moved in that neighborhood. The RSP told her she knew everyone that lived there, what were our names. My mom told her she wouldn't know us, we had literally just moved in and hadn't met any neighbors yet. The RSP told her, she had met EVERYONE. So my mom told her our names and she was all "YA I met them". Then she asked her if we were "members"(only in Utah). My mom told her I WAS (bullshit) and she wasn't sure about Jory. Then the RSP told my Mother that we would get along really well with neighbors on the corner! OF COURSE she didn't tell her why...just that we would get along! LOL! What a bitch!

Anyway the only Mormons we have seen here tried to drop by our house to make sure I was serious when I mailed my RESIGN FROM YOUR CRAZY ASS CHURCH letter. We were out smoking when they drove up, I was in my comfy clothes, translation: shorts, tank top no bra. I don't normally let people see me with no bra...the girls could poke an eye out! So I tossed my smoke and ran inside to get a jacket. My psychic ability told me it was the missionaries coming to talk me out of my resignation. By the time I got back to the front door Jory was coming in, he confirmed it was the missionaries and he told them we weren't interested and NEVER is a good time for them to come back. LOL! I love him.

I've gone on too long...point is, Don't let the Fear Keep you Down!


Code-ster said...

Never is the best time to come back. You know, I've come to this conclusion. I've heard so many former missionaries complain about people being rude to them while out converting people. Well, how many times have I made it clear that I'm not interested, in a nice and respectful way. In my mind the only option left is to be rude. It seems like the only way to get it through their heads.

I wouldn't have a problem with them doing what they do, but when you start telling me that I won't be able to spend eternity with my family because I'm not baptised into the Mormon church, I have a problem with that. My God loves unconditionally, just as they claim their God does. Apparantly they don't know the meaning of unconditional. I think next time I'll offer them a chance to read my books on Buddhism and Taoism.

MisterJ said...

So this reminds me of the Jay-Dubs. They showed up and assumed I was Mormon. When I told them I wasn't, they said "I bet you drink a lot, huh." Screw you!

Then later, when they found out I was a teacher, they said "Your kids are lucky to have a man teacher...that isn't a child molester." WTF!

Mr. E Mann said...

LOL, out here the mormons have left us alone and it's just comical anyway watching 19 year old dudes try and tell me about the church (I know more than most of them being raised in a Mormon Jesus loving house) while I contemplate which way I would like to intake my THC this time. ;)

But the beginning of your post is a VERY serious problem! I have talked about this with Athena before and just recently even. I did the same as you, it was outside playing from sun up til the parents MADE you come home. We had SO many adventures and so much learning and growth back in the good old days. Especially when I lived in apartments but in all the 15 places I lived before high school the neighborhoods were as you described... kick the can, every yard game ever invented, hide and seek, forts of all sorts, toilet papering, sports, etc. Now, even in the great community I live in the kids are playing games and t.v. more and more and less out playing together. On my street they shut the whole street down once a year for a block party. Even just 5 years ago there used to be several kids running around and kegs/drinks out for the adults and it was a big to do and had been for years. Now there are next to no kids, no drinks, and nearly no one showed up at all the last 2 years so I bet it doesn't even happen next year or dies out in the next few...

Having kids I would sure love to have had them get to experience some of that great past we had. There are still some good things here that help, small community, open minds, fair weather, and lots of community activities. But it's also hard (even here) balancing trust and who we let into our lives when I do what I do and am the crazy mann I am. ;) And it's also not easy when you really just don't like most people no matter how hard you try... I miss you guys...

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