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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I was shocked to read my brother inlaw Cody's blog today about the company Butterball.

Butterball workers were documented punching and stomping on live turkeys, slamming them against walls, and worse during an undercover investigation at a Butterball slaughterhouse in Ozark, Arkansas.

One Butterball employee stomped on a bird's head until her skull exploded, another swung a turkey against a metal handrail so hard that her spine popped out, and another was seen inserting his finger into a turkey's cloaca (vagina).

One worker told an investigator: "If you jump on their stomachs right, they'll pop ... or their insides will come out of their [rectums]," and other Butterball workers frequently bragged about kicking and tormenting birds. Read more in the investigators' log notes.

PETA's investigators discovered these horrors between April and July, 2006, during an undercover investigation at a Butterball plant that slaughters approximately 50,000 birds each day.

Read PETA's complaint to local prosecutors asking that cruelty charges be filed.

The closest we will get to a Turkey dinner this year is Boston Market and I'm sure we've probably already missed the deadline, so I for one will not be buying a Butterball Turkey or anything from Butterball again.

ps I'm totally cheating...I changed the date so it looks like I posted this on 11/20 but I didn't...he he

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Mr. E Mann said...

Yep, we have been upgrading our meat choice each Thanksgiving. Last year was organic, free range turkey and this year we decided a Turkey was way too much meat for our family and went with organic, free range chicken from our neck of the woods and cooked it "beer up the butt" style. :)

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