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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Can't Count Me Anymore!

I thought this was done years ago, however this past July I found a crazy site while surfing that gives the exact instructions on how to really get your name removed from their records. I followed the directions and finally a few months later, it's official!

I am no longer a member of The Church of Jesus Christos and the Lying pSychos!

For those of you not aware of my "Mormon" membership...when I was of the tender age of 8, my parents told me I had to go to church the next two Sundays. I didn't understand, I had never been church my entire life, that I remembered. I cried and asked why. My mom told me that in order to get baptised I had to go to church at least twice. Even at that young age I knew that seemed too easy and totally pointless. Why do I need to get baptised if I'm never going to go to that church again? All kids get baptised at 8, she told me. It would wash away all my sins and I could start a new. That part freaked me out, because I was sure that if I made a mistake afterwards I was for sure going to Hell. I remember continuing to protest and pouting A LOT when Sunday came around and I had to put on "church clothes" meaning a dress and go sit silently why people talked about crazy shit.

I don't remember much about the actual baptism just that I was scared about this guy dunking me and holding me under water...hello I could totally drown!

Anyway...needless to say we didn't go to church after that. Shortly there after I started to question my belief in god or at least the Mormon's version. There were all these questions and no one willing to answer them. So I pronounced myself "Not a Mormon" at about 13 years old.
Now I'm officially Free!


Jory said...

HAHA! You're going to HELL!

MisterJ said...

I found this website the other day.

I really like the section about investigating mormonism, found at

Joey said...


That's the site I found the info on. Years ago I didn't know how to do get my name removed, I was told by someone to send a letter to the bishop, after some searching I found the bishop in my area and sent the letter. I never received a response, so I should have known it wasn't done, but I didn't really want to call and verify...that's like an invite for the missionaries to come over. Which unfortunately happened anyway a few weeks ago, Jory sent them away before they could really get out of the car. he he

tom said...

YEP, definately HELL! or outer darkness....

Code-ster said...

I found this pretty funny.

Joey said...

Cody that was hilarious! Now I'm glued here watching them all LOL!

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