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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Don't Be Jealous But...

Look what Jory got us (wink wink) for my Birthday!



I never actually expected to get anything off my list.

Thank You Jory Dan!

You better not be playing MY playstation when I get home ;)


Jory said...

So, an important note. That is, no Jory Conan, no Armored Core, no Jericho, no Resistance, etc...and I wasn't playing YOUR PS3 when you got home, because you beat me home, again...HAPPY B-DAY I hope you really do enjoy YOUR present! PS the new dog food DID give the dogs the soft-serve...GROSS, but I still love you!

Code-ster said...

Well, now I have to take back your Christmas present. Honestly I did buy you guys a PS3. You do beleive me right?....right? I guess I'll just have to get you a Wii instead, except that I don't trust that you guys can hold on to the controller.

Joey said...

HA HA're so funny! I know you bought it for ME but you will enjoy it just as much if not more (when we get your games).
I'm teasing you, like you tease me about the digital camera I bought you for YOUR birthday.
I DO REALLY enjoy my present!

You were RIGHT about the dogs. You're the WINNER! When we get home I'll give you a gold star!
Love you too!

Joey said...

Well Cody, we bought you a PS3 too so I guess we'll take it back and you can just keep the one you bought! ha ha

It's the thought that counts! I guess if I tell you that I "thought" about getting you a new car it's just as good as actually buying one?

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