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Monday, November 12, 2007


I'm tired of ASSHOLES who call me because their computer is frozen. Computer basics and hold the damn POWER button until it powers off!

I'm tired of the BITCHES telling me they can't log into our benefits website when right next to the log in box it has a I FORGOT MY PASSWORD link. DON'T CALL ME BITCHES! I don't support that damn website!

I'm tired of the FUCKERS who demand I fix their Lotus Notes because they are not seeing their new emails when CLEARLY it says they have 41 emails in their inbox. HEY FUCKERS, see that scroll bar on the right, USE IT!

I'm tired of the CRACKHEAD customers who call in to verify their order was received when they can CLICK ON THE FUCKING VIEW ORDERS tab and see for themselves!

I'm tired of FUCKTARDS who call to ask how to do their FUCKING jobs!



Code-ster said...

Yesterday I was having trouble logging on to the internet. I almost called you to see what was wrong. But then I just shut down and restarted.

Tada! The wonders of the brain.

Sorry if this posts twice. The first time I got an error.

Joey said...

HA HA! Awesome!

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