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Friday, November 23, 2007

Fuck Tissue

Am I the only person on the planet that doesn't use tissue? Isn't that the same stuff as toilet paper? Just cut differently. Or even paper towels when in a pinch? Like a wet sneeze at work. Left over napkins do the same thing. Why is it that we have so many different versions of paper used to wipe up messes? i.e. Nose & eye boogers, phlem, dog poop & pee, yesterday's makeup, smashed bugs & spiders, spilled food/drink, etc...

I have only purchased tissue once in my life and it's because I liked the decorative box. They actually sell boxes to hide your "ugly" tissue boxes in! You can even design your own tissue box via Kleenex for $4.99. Seriously? I'm baffled. What a waste.

Stop buying "Tissue" and grab some toilet paper, stuff it where you will, be that a Fancy tissue box or in the standard cardboard one you already have instead of throwing yet more waste away!

Fuck Tissue!


Top Bunk Chris said...

awesome simply awesome ... well said.

Joey said...

Hey Bunk mate! Thanks for's about damn time you read my blog!


bottom bunk joey

Mr. E Mann said...

Yep, I agree...never use the stuff myself.

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