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Sunday, November 04, 2007

I Miss My Friend

Where to begin? For my regular readers this post won't be so crazy but for anyone new, this might get a little confusing.

It's impossible to not post about something that is so much a part of my life but yet it's something I have always chosen not to write about at length. During times like these, I can't help but write a little otherwise my brain might explode.

Someone could seriously make a bundle off my life story because it becomes more and more like a soap opera on Acid. If I was a good enough writer I'd do it myself and Jory and I would be able to retire early and travel the world.

So it comes down to this, I have a friend who's sick. There are times when I don't know how to help her. There are times when she's sick and she doesn't know it. These are the hardest times because there's nothing worse than helplessness. It's a waiting game. Normally the good times out weight the bad, but this past year has been all bad. I'm scared that my friend won't have good times again. I'm scared that her worst fear is the inevitable. They say the longer she is sick, the harder it is to get better and the chance that she won't increases every day.

I rest tonight because she is safe. Tomorrow the nightmare will continue.

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