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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Quiche, Crepes & Croissants

Growing up in our house my stepdad who loves to cook always made us quiche (pronounced key-shh) instead of the standard bacon and eggs. When I would mention this randomly to a friend or in school I would always get odd looks in return. For fun I would tell them we also ate crepes more often then pancakes just to see their response. Technically we probably had pancakes more often then crepes but we LOVED waking up on a Saturday or Sunday morning to find out dad was making crepes! It was our annual Christmas breakfast until the year we almost died.

Let me digress, it was 1990 something, I was 15 or 16 years old and at the time I had recently moved back home with my parents and two of my brothers. Christmas morning my little brother Christopher woke me up and I was sick with nausea and a raging headache. I told him I'd wake Shane, our older brother and we'd meet them all in the family room.

When I woke Shane, he complained of a headache and nausea. I thought I smelled gas or something in his room, I joked about us being poisoned by carbon monoxide. When my mom finally came down, I told her to go to take a whiff and see what she thought. She came back and wasn't sure if she smelled anything. We did however all agree that if it was carbon monoxide we wouldn't be smelling we should be ok. After a little while of opening presents my parents and Christopher started feeling sick and getting headaches. Finally either my mom or dad decided to open a window just in case (this was in Logan, Utah, freezing ass cold Utah, opening a window isn't something you do in the winter in Utah). My dad went outside to check whatever you check when you smell gas in your house? and when he came back in he said he started feeling a little better while he was outside. So he and my mom went around and opened every window in the house and they called someone to come check on the furnace. I don't remember much between the windows being opened and my mom forcing us to go outside while the house was airing out. Apparently the duct from a secondary heater in the family room was blocked and our basement was filling with carbon monoxide, we were extremely lucky to have woke up at all that morning.

How does this life and death story relate to breakfast? A few hours after our lives had been spared, my dad made us the most delicious scrambled egg, cheese and diced ham croissant sandwiches! I remember they were fairly big and we all had seconds! Ever since, our Christmas morning breakfast has always been those scrumptious croissant sandwiches. Every other family get together though, it's delicious quiche.

My point....after 30 years, I finally got the secret family recipe and this past weekend I made the BEST quiche Jory has ever had!



With homemade hashbrowns, Delicious!

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