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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Shopping Shenanigans

It's Saturday early afternoon, I'm chillin' on the couch deciding what to do first, mop floors, do dishes (cause even though Jory says he'll do them, we know it won't get done until December) or do some unpacking. Jory comes in from the computer room and with excitement in his voice he says he HAS to buy a new video game! What? You want to go outside of our domicile, our Johnson Compound? YIPPEE!

He runs to change out of his PJ's, I grab my purse and round up the pups for the "No Friends and No Parties while we're gone lecture", toss them a treat and we're off on our Best Buy Adventure!

He picks up yet another DragonBall Z game, Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (thanks google) to be exact. How many versions of the same game can you seriously make? I swear each and every one of his hundred DBZ games are the exact same, except he tells me this one, you can play 150 (I'm rounding up cause I don't really remember the exact number) different characters! WOAH! Exciting eh? Not so much.

But you can probably say the same thing about my 2nd game of choice, The Sims. I pick up the Sims2 Castaway...yeah it's the same Sims2 but the Castaway thing is totally different then anything they have ever come out with. I like pirates, Hello Jack Sparrow! it's sort of the same thing, not really, actually not at all. Maybe it's because I loved the Swiss Family Robinson movie and wanted to live in a tree house, or the Blue Lagoon! It's honestly not the funnest game, but I've only played it once now so I can't really give you a realistic review. Maybe later.
FYI, in case you were wondering my 1st game of choice is Lara Croft Tomb Raider! Lara is the SHIT!

On our way out, Jory asks if there's anything else I want...YA! but nothing that I need. Then it hits me...I haven't bought the new Led Zeppelin Mothership yet. What kind of fan am I? So we walk over to the latest releases and there it was....I grab it. And WHAT is sitting right next to it? DAAAAAAAAAANE COOK! How could I have forgotten my BOYFRIEND Dane's CD/DVD was out? I'm ashamed. So I grab it too. I hold them close to my heart and apologize silently to my "other men" in my life. They forgive me. We leave.

So then comes Sunday, I'm tired from hauling boxes in the house and bored of watching Jory play DBZ. I ask him if he wants to go spend more money. We've been needing some bookcases for the other two bedrooms, we are seriously lacking storage in this house! We don't have an unfinished basement to store our stuff and we don't have furniture to put our stuff on so we need to SHOP!

We've been hunting for a component shelving unit for the PlayStation, Xbox, Stereo System, DVD player know, all our Components and have had no success. I found what I thought would work and look nice at Target, but when we saw it in person, we didn't feel the love, so it's a no go.

We love our IKEA Expedit 5x5 bookshelf we have in our living room and I've been wanting 2 more for the other bedrooms so we headed to Tempe. We make our way to the storage section, checking out all the new rooms setup. I LOVE IKEA! Jory, not so much. It's too much exercise, too many people and well it's not home. I try to make the trip as painless as possible for him, I however could spend hours wandering around checking everything out. So we speed to the shelves, write down our shit and decide a floating shelf above the TV will work alright for the components. We realize we'll be spending almost $500. We're not poor by any means, but we're not rich either. We don't normally spend $500 without thinking about it, hard. We decided that the 5x5 might over power the rooms and we can save $100 if we go for the just smaller 4x4 version so we head for the basement to weave our way out of this Swiss labyrinth.

We gather our million pound boxes and head for the floating shelf and realize it's not deep enough, won't work. It's a bust again! DAMN those components! We check out, go home, eat and set up one of the bookshelves, move it in the guest room, looks fabulous! Time for bed.

The End

p.s. didn't mop the floor or do the dishes.


Jonathan said...

You missed a day!!!
Now I don't feel so bad missing the few that I have.

I love the bookcase, I want one...I wonder if IKEA ships, I used to have a bedroom set from IKEA when I was like 8, had it all the way up till I got married, and I think parts of it are still with my little sister. My parents have a whole bedroom set from the same time period they are still

Code-ster said...

That bookcase looks awesome. I'm glad to hear you guys went outside. It sounds like I need to come down and get you off the couch. I was wondering about that new Zeppelin album - is it just a compilation?

I can't wait until I have a house. Then I'll get to buy cool furniture.

Joey said...

I know! Haven't been feeling good, actually went home sick from work yesterday, feeling much better today though.

Due to the not feeling well, I've only listened to the Dane Cook CD, which is FUCKING AWESOME!
I haven't tossed in the Led Zeppelin yet...although it looks to be a compilation. And I forgot it today so I can't listen on lunch and get back to you.

Hopefully I'll still feel good tonight and I'll get it loaded on my iPod which makes for easier listening when I'm not at home.

Oh and Jon, does ship! Or you could go wrestle your way through the new location in Draper. I hear it's still a clusterfuck since it opened a few months ago.

Cody, come get Jory off the couch! I dare you.

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