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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Speaking of Holding on to Controllers

When I first turned on my new PS3 and started up "MotorStorm" I drove a good mile without noticing that I couldn't turn left or right (I was too buys checking out the Awesome graphics!). I ran straight into a rock and was puzzled as to why my brand new controller wasn't letting me steer! I started to panic when Jory the genius told me to move my controller left or right. WTF? Move my controller? As I steered my dune buggy back onto the course by tilting my actual controller, a tiny light bulb went off...I remembered hearing something about how kool the controllers were because you can move your character/car/what have you just by tilting your controller...WOAH! This is fucking kool...yet all together wrong at the same time.

Back in the day Mario Brothers taught us NOT to swing our controller all over the place to try and make it up and over the flag pole. You know you did it, at least in the beginning you did it! You swung your Nintendo controller clear over from the left side of your body, high above your head, over to the right. You did this until you learned the power run and jump. At one time everyone has pulled the controller out of the console and sometimes the console would follow to the ground, depending on your setup.

We have learned to hold our hands still and let our fingers do the talking. Tilting the controller felt horribly wrong, like I was breaking the rules of life. I had to turn off that option immediately. I am however excited as hell to purchase a flight sim game and see what the tilt can really do! To learn from the Wii, we might have to leash the controller to my hand so I don't toss it's Wireless ass through a window in a fit of rage!

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Jory said...

That stupid Wii, the only thing about it that I ever thought was not-lame was the bad-ass controller. Funny thing, there were TONS of people chucking them right through the front of their big screen, HD, super expensive TVs playing some stupid Mario Golf game right wen it came out, fucking retards.

Yeah, also funny how we spent the last 25+ years learning to not jerk the god damned console off the shelf, and now in a suspiciously well timed coup d'etat, the world of the inactive gamer has come to an unceremonious end. Thank the giant green dildo that there is at least a "fuck you I want to be fat" option, so that I can remain as immobile as possible.

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