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Friday, January 11, 2008

The Rest of the Story

After falling and climbing out of the deep dark dreary hole, I get home and realize I forgot to stop and buy dog food and we are completely out. As I walk into the bedroom to change before heading out to the store. Jory tells me I won't be able to flush the toilet, I stop mid stride...What?
"The water has been turned off!"
This day is trying to kill me! I remember Jory showing me the notice that was left on our door the night before but in my mind I thought I'll take care of that Thursday morning because Wednesday morning is my doctor's appointment so I wouldn't have time before work, not figuring that the notice would be for the very next day. So not only do I need to go buy dog food, I need to go buy several gallons of water to "shower" in the morning.

The only thing forcing one foot in front of the other is knowing this is not the end of the world, this is not the worst day of my life, I've experienced the worst day of my life and by some miracle I made it this far.

I picked up dog food, check. Stop at Walmart, hauled my thousand pound cart of seven 2.5 gallon jugs of water to the check out, noticing people take second glances at this odd purchase. Standing in line, with the understanding that no one knows why I'm buying all this water, but I'm still embarrassed.

It's not like I was 3 months late on the bill. I remember getting the bill dated 12/28/07, it's only been 11 days. Why would they be turning off the water after 11 days? I was so confused. The next morning I got up early so I could be at the Water Company at 8 AM when they opened. I walked in and asked them to help me understand what happened. Turns out the bill I received 12/28 was the 2nd notice, the original actually went out on 12/11. OOPS! But still, the water is turned off in less then 30 days of the bill being mailed to me? That only gives me 3 weeks til the due date. Or 1 week to write the check and mail it to make sure it's mailed 7-10 days before it's due. This company not only has no grace period, they don't have online payment options (which is how I pay all our bills) nor do they have automatic payment abilities. They won't even accept a payment for more then the amount because that would cause a credit and they would have to send me a refund check. I'm surprised they were using computers at all. Regardless, this was my fault. Part of that Laziness I was talking about recently.

ps They said the water should be on in an hour or two, we'd be at the top of the list. Our water was not turned back on until 2:45 PM. Personal Day #1 of 3 wasted. Wait...why did Joey take a personal day with all that water to shower with? Have you ever tried to shower in ice water? Nuff said. I was waiting for the water to be turned back on, then go into work late, but due to the late hour of the arrival of water, it would have been a waste anyway. Plus I was still feeling pretty funky from the Lupron, although 1000% percent better then the day before! And I feel 1 million percent better today!

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Code-ster said...

Just hang in there. Things will get better. And if you ever need anything, remember you're surrounded by friends and family ready to help any way possible.

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