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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I was bored the other day at I made a ring.

Then I noticed my hands are very wrinkly,

like elephant skin.


Jon said...

it's the dry hands look horrible, all cracked and sometimes bleeding.

get some hemp lotion already!!!

tom said...

of just make that while you were bored? You're one cool chick

Joey said...

That's my favorite lotion Jon! I ran out and haven't ever found in a store sense. Of course I don't know why I haven't searched online for it...silly me.

Tom...Thanks dude!

Joey said...

ps I just purchased my lotion! YAY!

Jon said...

I'm shocked and saddened by you complete lack of trust and love for the intertubes (interwebs, internets, etc)...

I'm crying as we've cut me deep....


Joey said...

No no you're wrong...I actually have a lack of respect for femininity. Most girls I know seem to buy lotions and smell good stuff regularly.
I however, only seem to buy it when I'm shopping with another girl, which only happens like once a year and that's a stretch!
In fact, the last time I purchased lotion was over 5 years ago in Salt Lake at the tanning place Jessi took me to a few months before her wedding in 2001 or 2002?
That bottle of Hemp lotion lasted until sometime last year.

Joey said...

WOAH I totally lied! But I didn't mean to...As I pushed submit on that last comment I happen to glance to my right and sitting there in plain sight is a bottle of smelly lotion, Simply Basic Romantics "Sweet Pea" Sensuous Body Lotion that I bought at walmart several months back. I bought it because it had the same name/flavor as Jack's memorial candle.
So that is the first lotion I've bought since the Hemp one back in 2001-02.

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