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Monday, February 04, 2008

Guess Our Band Name

While everyone was glued to their TVs watching the SuperLAMEBowl yesterday, Jory and I ventured out shopping. After recently becoming Guitar Hero III ROCKSTARS thanks to Keara and Chris I decided I really wanted ROCKBAND! Who wants to wait around until Thursday to ROCK OUT with your COCK OUT? he he (Keara brings Guitar Hero to our house Thursday nights)
So without further a-do...we took the plunge and purchased one of the funnest games of all time. I must admit the drums are a lot harder to play then I had thought they would be. We even gave in and sang a couple songs. We'll be picking up an Guitar Hero III guitar so when we get bored with the drums or singing we can pick up the bass. Plus if we have more then 1 visitor we can all ROCK OUT together! (Rockband guitars are NOT sold separately until 2009, until then any Guitar Hero III guitar will work but only the xbox 360 version)
Here's the fun part, in order to go on a world tour we had to choose a band name. You'll never guess it, but I thought it would be fun seeing what you would come up with. I'm not sure if this will help but Jory came up with it in seconds.
Oh alright...I'll give you a real hint: First word starts with a V, second word starts with an H.


MisterJ said...

How many letters?

Code-ster said...

Violent Hippies

Joey said...

6 and 6

Joey said...

Cody, you have no idea how CLOSE you are!

And well I think our next band should be named Violent Hippies.

I will REVEAL our band name this Friday.

Mr. E Mann said...

Lets it Violent Herpies? That's close. :) I had some others before Cody got so close: Vaginal Hairdo was one. Virginal Hiatus for another. And finally Venereal Holocaust.

Joey said...

Ok Eric, now we're going to have to start multiple bands...those names are AWESOME!

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