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Monday, February 11, 2008

Jimi Proof, Finally!

Fence Project Complete

Our dogs are our children, therefore we will do whatever it takes to protect them from the big bad world (and the wild bunnies). Filling over 150 holes in our fence was definitely more time consuming and painful then I ever imagined.

I started this project soon after we moved in last June. The 100+ degree weather put the project on hold for a few months. I have since worked the occasional hour or two filling more holes on my weekends, but it seemed I would never finish.

Drum Roll Please...

I spent several hours Saturday afternoon digging out the weeds that had swallowed the back wall and double the time on Sunday filling the remaining 40 holes. Unfortunately I did not take a Before picture, this is the after. See the weeds in the upper right of the picture? That is the Giant pile of pulled weeds. Next week, we will be burning them.
We also added the same mesh to the gate, just in case one of the dogs (Jimi) decides to rebel and sneak out in the middle of the night to go have drunken unprotected sex with her boyfriend.

Jimi realizing she can't stick her nose in the holes anymore, but can clearly still spy on the neighbor's dog.
I know the holes look really small in comparison to Jimi, but if she can squeeze her Fatty McFatty Pants under the couch to fetch her ball, then she could have escaped through one of the holes.

It was as if she knew she was finally free to run and explore. She ran full speed 3 times around the yard to celebrate!

Finally relaxing...making all the time and body pains totally worth it!
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Code-ster said...

Nice job!

tom said...

lovely work

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