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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Our Dogs Get Mail

Jory's mom "GranSandy" sent a package to the girls. This is the video Thank You to her. I was going to get crafty and add some music but let's be honest, that will never happen. We still can't park our cars in the garage because it's full of unpacked boxes!

(Cody, I emailed your mom the link to my page so she can see the videos but you know how often she checks it, so will you holler at her and show her the videos? Thanks!)

Part 1



tom said...

jory should ALWAYS wear socks

Joey said...


Jory said...

WTF? My feet are awesome!

Code-ster said...

I made my Mom watch. She laughed. Then she asked me if she had your e-mail address, to which I replied, "I don't know."

Code-ster said...

Are your feet outer-space awesome or a package of hot-dogs awesome?

Joey said...

Dude your mom is so funny. She's always asking YOU questions that only she could answer. I LOVE her!

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