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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Custom Closets by Joey

The one thing that Arizona is lacking is storage in your home. It seems silly to think that an entire state has something against storage, but from my experience (at least within the Greater Phoenix Metro area) this is the case.

First, very few homes have basements. I still don't accept the answer I've been given as to WHY in the hottest place on earth you wouldn't build a home with a basement to hide out in during those hellacious summer months. They say it's because the ground is too hard, BULLSHIT! So you'd think that since they aren't putting in a basement that they'd supply at the very least adequate storage if not an abundance of, but they DON'T!

For example, in our first house in Utah, obviously we had a basement with a storage area the size of our living room, dining room and kitchen put together, it was HUGE! We also had a large coat closet in the entry way of our house, the size of a standard bedroom closet. We had a large hall closet with custom shelves. We had a linen closet. And of course the standard bedroom closets and a good size walk in closet in the master. Not to mention the giant garage with super high ceilings OH And the 2 huge pantries in the kitchen....GAWD I miss the storage space!!!

Anyway so in our house now, we have what is considered a large 2 car garage to Phoenicians. Most houses here have a "1 and a half" car garage and rarely do they park in their garage because their one car can't fit with all their storage stuff! We'll actually be able to fit both our cars in our garage, but with the low ceiling we have no option to store stuff up high. We will be building some shelving in the garage, but that is down the line sometime.

In this house we have closets in every room, but no coat, hall, pantry or linen closets at all! We've purchased huge bookshelves for the living room, office and guest bedroom to provide more places for our stuff. I've already filled two of them, we haven't put together the one in the office yet but it will be filled as soon as it's up! I guess maybe we need to get rid of some stuff?

Anyway...the point to this really long and lame post is two weekends ago I came up with an excellent idea for our closet. We had purchased Q-Bits (modular furniture) from Target several years ago and had used them as a dresser of sorts. I previously had them stacked 3 high on either side of the TV in our bedroom but it made it quite difficult to plug and unplug the PS3 when I wanted to move it back and forth from the living room.

So here's is our new Custom Closet by me.

The bottom shelves are perfect for towels and sheets.

We still have plenty of room to stack jeans or whatever on top.

In case you were wondering what was glowing in the back of our closet, here's a close up:

Two almost identical pair of shoes with 3 inch soles. One is blue patent leather and the other is purple suede, both with reflector stripes. Kool eh? I got them in Las Vegas 13 or so years ago on sale for $20 each, down from $80. I guess you'd call them Raver Shoes.

Anyway....Slowly but surely we'll get unpacked and decorated. It's much easier when you have grown up furniture...we need to buy a bedroom set OH SPEAKING OF we got a new KING size bed!

And in case you're wondering what's on the left side of the bed, behind the fan? Those are the dog kennels. Jimi sleeps in one every night (Mazzy sleeps with us, she always has) and they are both kenneled during the day because they like to PISS and SHIT everywhere.


TopBunkChris said...

You know why there's no basements in arizona. 1st....... There FREAKIN SCARY!!!!!!!!!!. Second .......There FREAKIN SCARY!!!!!!. Cold damp seclusions from top side the earths serface. Its not right i say not right. We were never ment to habitat below ground level. Where there's my 2¢ (ching da da ling!!)

Joc(e) said...

No basements in Florida either, but that's because of the water table...we'd basically have an indoor swimming pool underneath the house (and the water would be nasty...lots of sulfur in it, eww!) We have slightly more storage space in the house than you in that we have pantries and a linen closet but no hall closet (not much of a hall) and two of the bedroom closets are rather small. I do like that we have two walk-in master bedroom closets though.

Anonymous said...

King size bed!!! Now that's livin'!!

Hope you are well.. Miss you much. Thinking about camping with the boys...they loved your set up! I loved the kennel...:)


Joey said...

I assume we'll be hitting Moab again this spring probably May since Utah is still stuck in the winter rut. Hopefully you guys can come down...we'll bring the kennel for the boys ;)

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