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Friday, March 28, 2008

Earth Hour

I was happy to see Phoenix is among four cities in the US participating in the worldwide "Earth Hour" observance sponsored by World Wildlife Fund. From 8 PM to 9 PM Saturday (TOMORROW!), the city will turn off power to all downtown buildings run by the city. Several businesses and neighborhoods are also going dark.

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon is encouraging everyone in the city to take part.
"Not only turn off the lights, but go on outside -- in the front yard or the back yard, go with your neighbors and look at the stars," Gordon said. "And then at 9:01, start watching as the lights start coming back on. That will hit your heart and you will know that you can make a difference."

So I'm challenging you TOO to power off those computers, laptops, video game consoles and lights. As Phil said, go outside and enjoy the stars. Have kids? Show them the different constellations. Too cold? Tell ghost stories around the fireplace or candles. Make a list of things you can do to conserve energy and actually make some of those changes starting now.

I'll be climbing on our roof to star gaze and talk to Jack(His star is part of the Big Dipper). Hopefully I'll be able to see the lights come back on in Phoenix at 9, we might live too far away.

"One Person can make a difference. Cities, coming together, can change the world."

We've been replacing our light bulbs with CFL's. What are you doing to conserve?


Jonathan Merchant said...


If I turn off stuff, then something might happen. Like what if something fails to update, or a server goes down and I don't find out about it for an's like unplugging my life support...

How bout I poop outside once or twice, that's natural fertilizer and in essence I'm giving back...continuing the cycle (recylcing). Does that count?

Plus only the hippy's will turn off up by the campus, down in the real world I'd have to get in my minivan and burn a few gallons to see the

Joey said...

OK I have to be honest...even though Jory was threatening to turn the lights on and be a party pooper, we happened to be out and about at'll see why in a post coming soon. So not only did we not participate we were out burning gas in my car. I suck earth, I'm sorry.

AND before Jory corrects me and makes me look like a liar...we got home shortly after 8:30 with dinner. We sat down and ate while watching TV with a few lights on during the last 30 minutes of earth hour...I feel horrible.

tom gore said...

we're doing alot of recycling and are going to xeriscape the yard.

Mr. E Mann said...

At least it's a start. I am lucky where I live the environment is a top issue. We have recycled for years. All our bulbs that we could change over we did years ago too. I use only the healthiest organics I can find in my garden. We buy local products, organic when possible. We support our local businesses instead of even letting the big bastards like Wal-Mart even open up in our town. There are solar panels all over the place here and it's not like we are known for being a sunshine community. As soon as I get into owning my own place (waiting to see what the housing market will do before I buy in) I will be running solar and wind if possible. I don't own a car anymore (looking for something like an old geo before chevy bought them and knocked their gas mileage dicks in the dirt) and have been walking, biking, using public transportation everywhere I have gone in the past few months (except hiring Rod to drive me to UT a few weeks ago). I feel like I am traveling back in time when I leave here and go back to visit UT...

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