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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm sick of reading these stories

"Kastigar said Kurz was driving his girlfriend, Samantha Womble, 18, to work on the northwest side of Tucson Monday afternoon. "They had been bickering," Kastigar said. "He dropped her off and returned home to his trailer in Catalina."

Kastigar said Kurz told deputies he saw the front door of his trailer ajar. "He went inside and in his state of mind after quarreling forgot about the baby in the car," Kastigar said. Kastigar said the baby, Adryan Womble-Kurz, was left in the car for at least three hours, between 1 and 4 p.m. The body temperature of the boy was 106 degrees when he was rushed to Northwest Medical Center Oro Valley. Doctors there pronounced him dead, Kastigar said.

"The temperature in Tucson yesterday was in the mid-70s," Kastigar said. "We're testing the vehicle to see what temperature it was."

Kurz was being held without bail pending an initial court appearance. Kastigar said the investigation into the baby's death is continuing."

They should lock this fucker in a car in the middle of the desert until he dies! If you aren't prepared to be a parent, give your baby to someone who is!


MisterJ said...

No shit. How could anyone forget their kid in the car?

Jonathan Merchant said...

19, lives in a trailer...
I bet a he just couldn't miss Jerry and completely spaced it...

I'd like to put this guy in a car and let him see what's it's like to suffer in it for 3 hours and see what he thinks...

I'm all for procreation licenses - and it probably wouldn't even need to be a hard test...

Code-ster said...

I once read about a Japanese couple who sort of "forgot" about their child because they were busy playing video games. Their kid died of starvation.

Joc(e) said...

So terribly sad. When I was pregnant with my (now) angel baby, I swore I would leave signs up all over the garage and whatnot saying "BABY!" just in case somehow I completely lost my mind and forgot. But I REALLY doubt I could.

@code-ster: That reminds me of the episode of the original "Dragnet" series where Joe Friday goes to the home of a couple who are high on pot and ask where their baby is...they don't know so they look in the bathtub and of course the baby has drowned...only comical because of the pot thing (and maybe not even then).

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