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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jory, I was wrong...'s not exactly modified like you were describing. They still don't sound like real drums, they sound just like the Rockband drums so technically I'm not wrong. :) Love you!


MisterJ said...

Playing Rock Band drums is not the same as real drums, but most people think it is. It's somewhat similar, at best.

Joey said...

I should have explained what I was wrong about in the post...Jory said it would be easy peasy to modify a real drum set with Rock Band...I had said "if it was so easy then someone would have already done it", but I had done several previous searches online and had NOT found anyone who had claimed to do it until this video. HOWEVER, the discussions Jory and I had, specified that the drums sound would not change, they would sound normal, like real drums; just adding the sensor so the game would pick up the hits. I knew this was impossible because when you hit the drum it vibrates which would totally screw up the sensor.

Mr. E Mann said...

Much as it pains it me to say since I apparently have several friends who play these rock games (they must be funner than I am picturing), but as Jim Morrison so elequently put it as the rock bands all sold out starting in the late 60's:.... ROCK IS DEAD!
(Although I guess it would be fun to play the games with you guys.) ;)

Joey said...

Trust me, I thought they were lame before I tried it too.

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