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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Self Portrait Truthiness

Unedited Honesty on the Internet, Why not?

While perusing blogs the other day, I was a tiny bit shocked to see SarcasticMom aka Lotus took a photo of herself moments after waking up, still in bed, no make-up or hair brushed, no primping of any kind. She got the idea from Sweetney who created a Flickr Group and challenged others to show their "Truthiness".

I like a challenge.

So I take it...I wake up, stumble to the back door to let the dogs out, grab my camera and wander in the bathroom. Not sure why I went in the bathroom other then I was thinking I have crap in my eyes, everything is a little blurry I wish I could wash my face but I want to be honest and show you the true horror of me in the morning without washing my face or pulling my hair up in a twisty half bun, half curly puff tail. I don't wear make-up, I don't "do" my hair.

This is me.

Dark Puffy Eyes. Pillow wrinkle or is it crease on my cheek.

The big picture.
No I'm not naked, my hair is covering my tank top.
My FULL truth...I'm going bald.
You see it don't you? You know you do!

Strange view...doesn't really look like me to me.
Freckles, Moles and Crooked Nose.

There you have it, my Truthiness.
The Real truth, I pretty much look like this all day long.


Jonathan Merchant said...

Is it me, or is it just girls doing this truthfullness in the morning thing? I mean I could take a picture of myself in the morning, and you'd only notice a slightly different style of hair and maybe a eye booger or two...

Then again I have short hair, and I wear no makeup...and I could if needed get up and go about my day (like on Saturdays)...hehehehe

Joey said...

That's why I said at the bottom that this is how I look pretty much all day long...maybe I should do the opposite and get all "dolled" up and post those photos? HA HA!

Jon...I'll be checking your site for your "Truthiness" photos! I'll give you a few days, let's see those eye boogs!

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

ooh, I get those same cheek creases. I keep avoiding this 'truthiness' thing, no one really wants to see that, do they?
I saw your comment over on Lotus' blog about birth stories. I would love to hear about it. I am going to finish writing about my stillborn daughter's birthstory soon and post it on my blog. It will be therapeutic, I think. I just did my eldest son's story and I plan to work my way through them.

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

Love the truthiness! Love your lip piercing!

Joc(e) said...

I think you look pretty good. Too bad more people don't just be "truthful" when it comes to their looks, at least most of the time -- I do like to make myself pretty every once in a while :-D

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