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Friday, March 07, 2008

Warning Choking Hazard

Not surprised, are you?


Jonathan Merchant said...

Quick what's the email address to the Darwin Awards??

I'd post the video of me driving a little 90 4wheeler towing someone right behind me, but then I might win instead...hahahaha

Jory said...

It's probably worse that just before those photos I was totally ripped and thinking, "yeah, this will be funny and hey I can hold my breath for between a minute and a minute and a half so I should be OK, right? Right?" Follow this up by Joey saying, "Hold on, let me get the camara, damn it, I said hold you're gonna have to do it again."

Michelle said...

This totally cracks me up, and reminds me how much I miss you two!

Code-ster said...

I'm showing Mom. Ha!Ha!

Joc(e) said...

My husband used to do that. He only used plain Wal-Mart bags, though. Not very creative.

Mr. E Mann said...

I miss you two bastards immensely!!

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