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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

No Surgery For Now

After three months of Lupron shots for Endometriosis, we finally have some good news! We're not sure how it happened but during my ultrasound today we found the 4 cysts previously encompassing my ovaries had disappeared. Now this isn't unheard of but not common for Serous Cystadenomas to be affected by Lupron.

This is awesome news for me because it means I won't have to have surgery again for at least a few months. My doctor put me back on fertility treatments today and I'll get an HCG shot next Friday, if the Apothecary can find some that is...apparently there is a country wide shortage of HCG. Seriously.

It's funny I don't really know how to feel about this. I haven't received "good news" from my doctor since they confirmed I was pregnant with Jack. I should be jumping up and down but I'm not. Maybe it's shock. Or I'm expecting the other shoe to drop?

ps I hate abdominal ultrasounds! I have to drink 64 oz of water an hour before my appointment and by the time I got there I couldn't sit down. And we all know you have to wait 30 minutes to an hour to even see him. Then he has to push the wand down on my blatter it's so very painful, you don't even know. Not that I like transvaginal ultrasounds by any means, but at this point in my medical life I would almost prefer it. I can't even count the number of times I've been in the stirrups in the last year let alone since my first GYNO exam so many years ago, so getting half naked is not an issue for me!

OH and I had no idea pee weighed so much! My nurse weighed me when I got there and I had her weigh me again after I went pee and there was a 4 lb difference! FOUR POUNDS! That's crazy!

Well I'm off to pee, again.


Michelle said...

I am so glad to hear that news. Keeping my fingers crossed for more of that type to come! Love you guys!

tom said...

How do know that Jory has radioactive nuts, right?

4 pounds of pee? now THAT'S impressive.

All the gyno stuff sucks. April and I can feel your pain, me figuratively and April literally. She's only needed one surgery so far, thank goodness! Hope all works out for you guys. April and I are crossing our fingers and toes for you...You guys are going to be AWESOME parents, although the thought of Jory as a role model is a kinda scary.

ps. a little of the subject, but not, April and I just adopted two children. One is from Thailand and one is from Russia. They are really little, furry, walk on all fours and say "meow, meow" a lot.

Minx is a Siamese prissy-pants, and Bear is a Russian Blue Soviet terror!

They are cute!

tom said...

i meant YOU do know that Jory has radioactive nuts.. i can't type this early.

Joey said...

Let's see some pics of your new furchildren Tom!

OH and is that why his nuts glow bright red? He told me it was good Kryptonite. he he

tom said...

I'll attempt to post some pics on our (well, mostly April's) blog,

there's not much on there now, but it's pretty new.

Mr. E Mann said...

Wonderful! It's always great to read an update and find out that there is good news on the health front for you!!
And remember that you deserve to be "jumping up and down" so forget "expecting the other shoe to drop" and try to enjoy the victories you have earned as fully as possible. :)
Maybe they could replace the ultrasound equipment with a bat... or a dolphin. Don't they both have sonar equipment naturally? Just fly a bat around or have you get extra friendly with the porpoise and then monitor their sonar findings...? ;)

tom said...

(said in a low, slow-motion sound)

You're crazy, Mann...crazy

Code-ster said...

I like hearing good news, I mean, who doesn't. But given the past couple of years, this is really, really good news. And I never want to hear about my brother's nuts again.

tom said...


I hear its hereditary...

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