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Monday, April 21, 2008

Quiche, Crepes & Croissants The Sequel

Remember way back when....Tuesday Nov. 27, 2007 (the day before my 31st birthday) I posted about Quiche, Crepes & Croissants? And I promised pictures...well five months later I finally delivered! So go check them out damnit!

Who am I kidding, only three of you will actually click the link and go look So Here Ya go lazy mouse clickers.



With homemade hashbrowns, Delicious!

Below you will find two additional photos showing just how cute our TV trays are.

Found at Walmart in the check out aisle, $1.00 each.




Christi said...

YUMMY!! Man..I am starving now!

Regina said...

No crust? Looks more like a frittata! :) I want some quiche!

Joey said...

Come visit us and I will totally make you some quiche! I like it simple but I would totally make one with veggies that you and Robby would love.

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