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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


You've probably been wondering what the hell the Twitter thing is on the right side of my blog. Well I was recently introduced to little twitter via Dooce cause she's the shiz and I want to be the shiz too.

It's microblogging, for those of you readers who may want to know what I'm doing in-between blogging like taking a smoke break or eating my favorite cordon bleu wrap from Tropical Smoothies Cafe. It's a fun way to keep up with my favorite people (who use twitter) while they sit at the DMV with a friend. You can update via IM, text or the web page. Another Giget-ie-Gaget-ie Goo to keep me from losing my mind while at work.

Come follow me and I'll follow you...


Lost in Paradise said...
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Joc(e) said...

That's kinda neat. I'm too wordy to do it though. LOL

Jonathan Merchant said...

My wife still can't understand the point of it, and honestly I can't give her a good answer...

I showed her your addicted to cordon bleu message last night...she was like "what is the point?"

I was like..."ummmm....I dunno"

Joey said...

I'm sure I'll get bored of is in a month...we'll see.

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