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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


After staying up until 3:30 AM Saturday night painting the floor, I had no choice but to wake up Sunday and weed-eat the back yard. I'm not sure you understand what a chore this was. You see, we haven't landscaped at all and our dirt backyard had become a giant field of 2 foot weeds. (after I weed-eated the first time!) I took me several hours and I'm quite surprised I even finished with the pain I was in. I'm still walking like a gimp today. Ouch.

Again, no before pictures. I know. I suck. But here's the Afters:

Here's the back patio just for fun

If for whatever reason, these weeds grow back AGAIN, I'll be buying an electric mower!


tom said...

you don't have a lawnmower yet? you're doing it all with a weed-eater? sheesh!

We just bought an old-school rotary mower at Lowe's.

It's the poop man!

You should consider xeriscaping. less agua, less yard maintenance, and i bet there of examples to refer to in Phoenix!

Joey said...

We haven't bought a lawn mower because we don't have a lawn yet...those are all weeds!

We will be xeriscaping both front and back yards, with a little grass in the back for the dogs and kids one day.

tom said...

cool. We're even gonna try a garden. We definately don't have green thumbs, but i'll ask Regina questions.

Mr. E Mann said...

Hahaha...that's a bitch but nothing compared to my backyard. I moved from the desert to a fucking rain forest! My backyard, and I shit you not, was 4 1/2 feet tall at one point. Mat wouldn't even go out back any more because he couldn't see (although I would have loved it as a kid). Haha, after not going back there for a month I finally noticed that at the back, up against the fence, some homeless had flattened out some weeds/grass and made a soft bed to sleep in my back yard! I can put the mower on it's highest setting and get it done at about 1 - 1/2 feet if I move slow and stall my 6.5 horsepower motor over and over. It is at that level right now and rained last night keeping me from mowing today... Much longer and I will have to bust out the weed wacker. The time I used my new weed wacker to mow it down from 4 feet I burned out it's engine about 3/4 of the way done and had to order a new one... And that goes right along with our depression/lazy comments from a few posts ago.

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