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Monday, May 05, 2008

Angry Drunk Bio Dad

A few hours after posting on the failed weekend with my bio dad, I received this voicemail.

Angry Bio Dad from Joeythegirl on Vimeo.

It freaked me out, for a split second I wondered if he knew about the post, but I know better. It was just a horrible coincidence. Before you go crazy posting comments, offering suggestions that he didn't sound angry, or "he said he loved you" at the end. Jory can confirm, this is my bio dad, drunk and angry. He'll wake up tomorrow and not remember that he was angry. Oh and he's only been to Phoenix twice, both times were because Donna brought him down. HE only spent 15 minutes with me last time, he was too busy helping Donna clean up her grandson's mess...he burned down the condo. Seriously.


Joey said...

Are you scared to comment? ha ha!
Maybe I'll have to record a normal conversation with bio dad so you can see the difference.

Joey said...

I'll be removing this video in a day or so, to alleviate the possibility that someone that knows him might tell him and then he'll get really angry!

tom said...

i couldn't get the video to play smoothly on my Mac. I don't think its the machine.

Joey said...

No Tom, it's the operator!

MisterJ said...

Yeah, he chose some pretty strong words there. He makes it sound like maybe he's kidding, but at best (and if I gave him a huge benefit of the doubt) I'd say he chose his words poorly.

I won't say what I want to say next. After all, he's your dad, and I have no right to say anything really negative about him.

Mr. E Mann said...

Just another reason I quit drinking...

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