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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Drama Continues wit Dad

So I just got off the phone with dad. I knew if I didn't call him, he'd get all drunk tonight and call me again. Apparently it was his GF Donna who got him all paranoid. She told him she was beginning to think that maybe I was trying to avoid him.

The first time they came down was last December, three days before we were leaving for Florida. I was busy as shit trying to shop, clean house and prepare for our trip. They came down to help Donna's daughter go through her condo that her son burned down. They were busy from morning until night. We tried to meet them for breakfast the last day they were here but they kept moving it back an hour or two. Finally around noon, they wanted to meet us at some seafood joint. A-I don't do seafood. B-Even if I did, I wouldn't eat it for breakfast! We told them we weren't down for seafood and they should just call us when they want to come out to the house. They came and stayed for a whole 15 minutes.

This time as you've already read, they came for Donna's daughter's graduation. They went to the graduation Saturday morning, had a BBQ that afternoon into the evening. Sunday they were headed the only window for "Joey time" was Sunday morning, which didn't work out because we stayed up too late. That was clearly my fault. However, I would have been pissed off and the breakfast wouldn't have gone well.

I was empowered enough to call him on his paranoia. Explaining that Donna seems to be at the center of this issue. Her plans have kept him from seeing us, this upsets him so she turns it back on me. Of course! This is how it went down all the time with his ex, Cathy.'s time to push these emotions back into the depths of my brain, at least until I find a therapist.

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