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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Keara!

Hope you don't mind, I totally stole your photo.

What can I say about my friend Keara? She's the nicest, sweetest, most kind hearted, funny fucker I know. She would give you the world if she could...and she'll find a way! Our lives would be pretty boring without her...there's no Vicious Hippos without our guitarist! Keara brought laughter and happiness back into our sad lives. I could never thank her enough for being there, when everyone else was so far away. She helps me get through the week and sometimes even the day. I would be lost without her, She's the Sunshine to my rain. We Love You Friend!

Happy Birthday!


Top Bunk Chris said...

Yeah keara is super cool. Amazing to see someone stay postive and alive as she is. I hope she has an awesome and deserving birthday

Spaz Monkey said...

Keara who ?

J/K...... Happy Birthday, Cutie !!

Spaz Monkey said...

.......... and what is that guy behind you doing ? LOL

tom said...

Not to play the party pooper role,

You do realize that all the Guitar Hero stuff, etc. is just Dance Dance Revolution with you fingers..

Not to discount Keara, i assume she's a cool chica. A friend of yours is a friend of mine, however unfortunate that prospect is for her. Not to mention, anyone that wears purple googles is good in my book!

Happy B-Day, although i don't know you.

tom said...

That Rock Star stuff doesn't hold a candle to Hot Shots golf.

tom said...

Alright, alright, its not so bad. Most people would love to be a Rock God, (believe me, i had great time back when i was the front man for Toxic Epiglottis, i believe Jory had our poster on his wall at one point) but they will never have the opportunity. It must be a blast when everyone is less than sober. Ok, back to the topic...

Joey said...

OMG're so crazy! AND don't be haten on our band biOtch, you're just jealous you're not in it! Oh and Hot Shots Golf can Suck it! lol
Don't worry, I plan on bringing the Rock band equipment, so you'll have to come over to Jory's mom's house while we're in town and maybe...just maybe we'll let you "sit in" with us ;)

Spaz monkey? Who are you? Wait...Jeff J? I knew it!

The pic was taken right before Keara JUMPED OUT OF A FUCKING PLANE! She's so kool!

I invited Keara to come meet our Utahrded friends, but she was just promoted to a new position, and it's a little too early to take a whole week off. She'll be coming to Moab Labor Day weekend though. Hopefully this time she doesn't get lost and end up in Colorado again lol!

tom said...

Toxic Epiglottis rules!

I was the man!

The adoring crowds, the fame and fortune, the groupies, the copious amount of substances...good times.

Rolling Stone wrote, "Mick Jagger, Robert Plant, Vince Neil, Brett Michaels, Ozzy Osborne, Dee Snider, Axl Rose, Philip Anselmo? They all pale in comparison to Tom Taylor! He truly is decadence personified." Fairly accurate, but I don't know about being better than Bob Plant (as a member of his inner circle, I called him Bob.)

Unfortunately, Nirvana had to get big and screw it up for heavy metal! Is still get pissed off when i go to Seattle! :(

So is she an uber-boss now?
Keara, are you an uber-boss now?

Have y'all ever considered Goblin Valley? or are you guys forever set on camp #F? Not that that's bad. I wanna go!

BTW, tell Jory to start writing in his blog again!

tom said...

It's a Friday and work is slow, hence all the comments. Don't feel embarrassed Keara, Jory and I made it to Colorado instead of Moab once, and we are from Utah! Ask him about that trip, it was a blast!

Joey said...

Toxic Epiglottis...amateurs! Listen here Thomas, Rob and Jim are my homies, they don't like it when you call them Bob and James so if ya wanna come to the next Johnson/Plant/Page BBQ You'll shape up or ship out!

tom said...


Code-ster said...

They should make a rock star fan game where you just stand there like you're attending a concert of your favorite band.

tom said...


I think that's an AWESOME idea..


Be the envy of your fanclub! Get backstage and meet the band!

Jam out to your favorite bands at a variety of venues, from bars and clubs to massive stadiums and music festivals.

Unlock famed venues:

- Woodstock
- Redrocks
- Wembley Stadium
- Rose Bowl
- Park West
- Usana Amphitheater
- and others!

Relive some of history's most important concerts:

- Woodstock
- Live Aid
- Led Zeppelin reunion tour
- Lollapolooza 1 and 2
- The Beatles' Ed Sullivan appearance
- Skinny Puppy, Ministry, and Revolting Cocks at the Speedway
- Pink Floyd at the Berlin Wall
- Depeche Mode 101 concert
- Toxic Epiglottis farewell tour
- and others!

how to score points:
- knowing the lyrics
- "cutting a rug" on the dance floor
- smooth and discreet use and passing of doubies, bonus points if you "hit it" within 15ft of security
- successful navigation of venue without spilling beer (bonus increases according to amount of beer still in cup, super bonus for pulling a Jory and double-fisting)
- slam dancing, bonus points if you shed blood (yourself or others)
- crowd surfing
- getting past the "front door frisker" with camera, flask, and doubies intact
- spontaneous make out sessions, point multiplier based on attractiveness of partner. bonus points if partner is stranger

- catching drumsticks, other band paraphernalia
- high fiving, touching band members, etc.
- making friends
- special point multiplier increases the nearer you get to the stage

how to lose points:

- getting caught by security doing or possessing illegal, stupid things
- dancing like a white guy
- making out with a "dog"
- vomiting
- spilling beer, dropping or extinguishing doubies
- slam dancing when unappropriate
- getting in a fight
- forgetting lyrics
- taking little sister to Hannah Montana, NKOTB, Brittany Spears, humiliation penalty for getting caught!

Rated M for mature

by Atari

Code-ster said...


you took my idea and made it about 1,000 better. I have a feeling this was meant to be. Let's just agree that we have been planning this concept for years, so when it is made, we can sue.

tom said...


It must be fate! I swear as soon as I read your post the ideas just flooded outta me, i couldn't stop typing...Like i was one of those automatic writer mediums you read about.


It could be the fact that i've been on a perma-trip since i found out that Albert Hofmann died on Tuesday, that'd also explain my posts of late.

I think i'll refine it further. Keara & the Johnsons'll LOVE it! It'll be WAY better than the Dance Dance bullshit..

RIP Al, thanks for taking the lucky few of us with you, now you can truly fly far beyond the solar system!

tom said...

oh, we should make players go to different venues/events if they REALLY suck:

- the Delta Center
- "Stink"air
- Kilby Court
- 49th Street Galleria
- Classic Skating
- the damned place at UVSC..Romney Center??
- the Rolling Stones at Altamont
- AC-DC at the Salt Palace
- Great White in R.I.
- The Who in Cincinnati
- The Right Said Fred/Winger Tour
- Jessica and Ashley Simpson: the "Oh My Gawd Becky" Tour
- and others!

know any copy write or trademark lawyers? I really think it'll work, well at least in Japan, they play some REALLY warped games..

Mr. E Mann said...

Hope the birthday was great and I will meet you in Moab! :)

LMAO at the fan game. Soon they can make a game where you are a fan and stand in a living room to cheer on your favorite "Rock Band". ;)

I thought old Hoffman would end up outliving me! How would that be to have been the one to father LSD!?! Farewell to an American hero and legend.

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