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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our Plane Crashed and We're stuck on this Island with Black Smoke that just ate our pilot. OH Hey can call me Freckles anytime. wink wink

What a rough start to a nice vacation. USAirways LOST our most important piece of luggage, you know the one with all the clothes. I don't know how one bag made it on the plane but not the other when they were checked in TOGETHER! Hello McFly? We were told that our bag would probably come in on the 2:30 am flight and we could come back and get it. OH GOODY! We only had 3 hours sleep last night, been up since 6 am that morning, SURE we'll come back at 2:30. They offer to deliver it sometime between 8 and 11 am, which to me sounds like the phone company when they say they'll be there between 8 am and 5 pm and don't show up until 4:59.

We had planned on getting up early and driving to Bear Lake. Would they deliver it to the Bear Lake Marina? Well actually yes, if we could give them an address. But then we'd have to sit at the slip all day waiting and miss out on some serious boating. Not gonna work folks! So we ask them to call us at 2:30 and tell us if our bag did indeed arrive, because honestly it could be LOST (you know on an island with Kate and Jack and super sexy Sawyer).

Meanwhile, I go to pick up our rental car and after the 45 minute hike up hill both ways Smiley Magee who must be a car salesmen in is off time greets me and tells me they are giving me a Free Upgrade to this nice white giant box of crap not-so Minivan. Um no thank you, I'll just take the compact I RESERVED! Well actually we only have two cars left so we're giving you the minivan. Are you FUCKING ME? I really don't like being FUCKED with Sir. Well I can give you the SUV (Ford Explorer) for an extra $5 per day. Um again, no thank you. I'd really like my compact now. Seeing my disgust and utter annoyance and all this bullshitery, he gives me the SUV no extra charge. I really didn't want the SUV, HELLO gas prices, but the minivan was straight out of 1985. The Explorer was pretty, Homecoming Queen, I had to have it. (Apparently I'm a lesbian when it comes to cars)

We left the airport, drove to our favorite Utah eatery, SCONEdCUTTER! Pick up yummy sconeD sangwiches and ate them at Sandy's house. YO Utahrds, what's up with the road construction on 3300 south from the 215 all the way to 700 east? Do you really need to tear up roads on a constant basis just for something to do? Good Gravey.

2:15 rolls around and Jory starts calling, no answer. At 2:30 we decided to head back to the airport assuming our bag will be there. How lost could it get between Phoenix and SLC honestly? He continues to call as we drive and still no answer. We arrive right at 3 am, when the lady told Jory she'd be leaving. He runs in while I circle the airport and as I drive back around, there's my sweet Jory FLAMES shooting out of his ears and nose and no bag. No Bag and No Bitch. She was gone, closed up shop. Names were called, words were said, not happy.

We drive back out to Sandy and as we pull into the driveway guess who calls? The Bitch, well not THE bitch and actually this lady was apparently nice but you know how we're feeling. She says the plane was delayed but our bag was on it and we can come get it. HA HA! We are not driving clear the fuck out there AGAIN. They promise to deliver it at 9's currently 4 am and we finally go to bed.

Jory's alarm goes off at 9 am, he heads upstairs to wait for our bag, I sleep an extra hour and now the tables have turned. Our bag arrived, I'm awake and Jory's sleeping. I must wake him and drag is ass off to Bear Lake now.

Until next time, Peace Out Bitches!


Michelle said...

Oh man! Stay off of 33rd South all together. It is under construction all the way up and down!! I am not actually sure where it ends, but it for sure goes from I-15 all the way east to I-215.

Have fun at the lake and we'll see you on Friday!

Katie said...

Holy shit. That sounds like a crappy way to start your trip. Hopefully it will get better from here on out!

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