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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I know, I'm sorry.

I'm not sure how many of you have ever had Mono, but this shit sucks ASS! I'm out on short term disability until September 8th, then my doctor will re-evaluate my condition. Apparently some adults can be out up to 6 months! I guess as we get older, it's harder for us to fight it off. I'm exhausted all the time and with that, all I do all day is lay on the couch or bed and watch lame TV or movies with the occasional video game here and there.

I have however decided to fully utilize my time in front of the boob tube. I'm crocheting micro baby blankets and will donate however many I have completed, to the Banner Desert hospital here in Mesa, AZ where Jack was born for his upcoming 2nd Birthday and Angelversary. Even if it's just one blanket, I'll take it in with all the stuffed animals my family collected for me to donate last year...which obviously didn't get done.

I guess this would also be a good time to get those "pieces of Jack" mailed out as well. HA HA! As if...I'm still hunting for my crochet needles, so until then I can't really start the blankets. ARGH!

OH case you're still reading this lame post, we've been infested with ants and crickets. Jory went to the Home Depot last night and stocked up on all the bug killing gear possible. I told him there was no need for the rocket launcher, but he's crazy like that. We also added more weather stripping to the front door, which has already stopped more bugs from coming in, or so it seems.

I promise to post our "vacation" photos as soon as I de-Trojan our laptop. I have a hard time sitting at this computer for too long. Speaking of...time to go.

I also promise to post at least once a week, even if I don't get the laptop clean of it's STD's!

Thanks for the comments, keep them coming!


Jonathan Merchant said...

cykick (sp?)

we get it from anderson's up here for spiders and it's one of those micro-bead type deals where they walk through it and track it back...

it's worked pretty good for us, but it's expensive. i just found some ants the other day i got to figure out how to deal with...

Jeff said...

Get better now!
The voices are coming back to tell me to do bad things to some of those here.
I really do hope you get better soon.
Rest up and get back here before I do something that will get me imprisoned.

michelle said...

I hope that you start feeling better soon. I am glad that you have the ability to take time off of work to get healthy.

We so enjoyed seeing you while you were here, even though we are full of cooties!

Get better soon and please keep us all posted. Miss you guys already.

tom said...

i remember Rod had a chalk outline around his house and foundation. I asked him about it once and he said it was to keep ants out. He said it really worked! i guess ants aren't fans of chalk. Anyways, that might be a good low cost solution.

For the crickets, i suggest praying REALLY hard for a flock of seagulls to come and eat them all. I hear that works well.

good luck and feel better soon Joey!

Katie said...

Hey Joey, I hope you're feeling better soon.

tom said...

are you still alive?

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