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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

FOUR HOUR Long Doctor's Appointment!

Just spent the last 4 hours half naked on this table. My doctor had 2 emergencies to attend to. Made me cry when the nurse came in to tell me, I can only imagine what the poor pregnant women were going through. Missing my Jack...

Update...Ok now that I'm actually at a computer, I'll fill you in. Of course I wasn't actually ON THE TABLE for 4 hours. My appointment was at 9:50 am, I didn't get in a room until 11:15. I sat on said table (half naked) in said room until 12:30pm (1 hr 15 mins). After a very painful T.V Ultrasound, the doc says he's not happy, can't find my left ovary, wants me to fill my bladder and try again in 30 mins. So I get dressed go out to waiting room, drink at least twelve, 12 oz cups of water. Just as I start to feel like I'm going to puke, I'm called back into the room at 1:00 pm. Doc comes in around 1:30 and still can't find my left ovary. Says my bladder isn't full enough, but can see that I'm in pain. We agree that if he can't find the ovary that there must not be a giant tumor, cancerous cyst or sleeping dog in it. Left office at 2:00 pm.....that's a whopping 4 hour appointment!

I'll be starting Clomid and Femera on Thursday, go back on Nov. 7th for HCG shot and "monkey dancing" will commence. (Jory's grandma would say Monkey Dancing when she was talking about SEX. )

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Amigurumi...What's that?

In order to break up the monotony of making micro baby blankets (you know the one's I haven't yet taken to the hospital for Jack's 2nd birthday, which is probably a good thing because I'm sick with a cold again) I decided to try and follow a crochet stuffed animal pattern and it was the most fun I've had in ages! ("the most fun" who says that?)

I had picked out the colors (for those of you who may be color, yellow and pink) for a blanket for my "sister" Sara's baby (at the time we didn't know would be a girl!) and decided I'd give the bunny pattern a go. And although I deviated from the pattern in the biggest way, I substituted a single crochet for a slip stitch, it turned out pretty fucking cute!

Sorry the photos were all taken with my camera phone because I have yet to find time for a serious photo shoot, and well, I didn't want to hear anymore whining about how I hadn't posted for a while. No I'm not talking about you Tom. I kid I kid.

I know this is a dark photo and since I have a good one below, why did I post both? Cause I like it! It makes me think of Donnie Darko even though it's not even close.

So after I popped my own cherry successfully making a bunny I decided to venture into Amigurumi and make my Best Friend Keara a wittle tute Turtle named "mini wiggins", cause she has a real live Mr. Wiggins at home.

Here's what he looks like from the side. I didn't take any with my camera phone, but did however with my real camera, I just haven't uploaded the pics OK. sheesh

After mini higgins, I realized I'm a pro (wink wink) and can now make up my own patterns or at least deviate much further from the actual patterns.

i.e. Below you will see an unfinished baby kitten that Jory was saying looked like a butt plug (take away the ears and arms and you too will see this gross similarity) I only bring this up because I know if I didn't Jory would comment about it and it's fun to steal his thunder!

I don't know why I'm struggling to decide whether or not caption this next photo or not...who cares who I offend right? But I am and that's weird for me. It's not like I NEED to caption it, for most of you or at least those of you who didn't need to google "butt plug" images will know immediately what the caption would be, but for those innocents...I'll spell it out for you!

Here's Jory Eating My Pussy!
To bring this nastiness to a close, I have all but finished the kitty, just needs a face. I'll post a pic tonight or later or never.

Peace out!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

I SO Have To HAVE One!

While listening to Seniorita Pain in the ass Palin try to debate pretty blue tie Biden, I'm debating on whether to get a Costco card or Sam's Club card for the cheaper gas prices! Although I'm pretty set on going Costco for the locations, but on Sam's Club's front page I found this Shoprider Flagship Scooter with Cab! It's like a Micro Smart Car but not really cause it's not a car but anywho....Doesn't it remind you a little bit of the Harry Potter Knight Bus when it squeezed through the double deckers? And for $6,110.00, it's a steal! kidding bitches
Peace out!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Back to work

So I'm back to work, part time at least. The first two weeks I only worked 3 days a week, 4 hours a day. Now it's 4 hours a day, Monday through Friday. This is only my 2nd day at every day and I'm tired, exhausted. Two words I'm sick of: tired and exhausted. What a waste of 3 months, kind of depressing to tell you the truth. I've wanted to catch up on posting, but at the same time, not really cared whether I get to it or not. It's all boring anyway.

The only thing exciting in my life is my best friend Sara's pregnancy. We recently found out she's having a girl and I'm as nervous and excited as if it were me. Honestly! I'm making her the cutest little crocheted bunny and blanket.

I guess that's news...I'm crocheting again, after my injury from last May. Wait, I already blogged about that, been making micro baby blankets to donate to Banner Desert, the hospital Jack was born at. I've finished two so far, almost done with two others. But now I'm moving on to making stuffed animals, they are super cute and the bunny I'm making for Sara is my first attempt, I must admit I'm pretty pleased with how it's turning out. I also taught Keara how to crochet, she's caught on quite quickly. She also taught me to knit, which I still feel is much harder then crocheting.

See, now it's a week later and I still haven't finished this stupid update post, blaaaaaah!

So last night randomly around 11:30 pm a sore throat kicked in out of no where. Just on the right side though, hurts up in my right ear as well. Fifteen minutes later and my left nostril started running, yes just the left nostril. There is no mystery as to where this cold came from, her name is Keara and it's my fault. She told me she was sick last week, but I told her to come over anyway. Jory caught the bug a few days ago, Sunday I think and now it's my turn. No more threesomes for us! I'm KIDDING! Ha Ha...We joke all the time about our supposed Polyamory family. When it's not the three of us Paling around, it's Keara and I getting asked at every store checkout if we are sisters and my quick response "Yes, identical twins", normally gets a "Really? That's neat" or "Cool, I have twins!". Depending on the person's response, I sometimes confess that we are not truly identical twins. They all seem surprised...seriously.

Anywho, I was thinking of political bumper stickers and came up with McCain + Palin = McCan't. There's no secret who I'll be voting for this November. I hope all you readers are registered to vote!

Speaking of...Want a free Obama/Biden sticker? MoveOn's giving them away totally free--even the shipping's free. I just got mine, and wanted to share the opportunity with you.
Click this link to get a free Obama/Biden sticker.

I'm trying to think if there is anything else worth writing about here...I guess I'll save some stuff for individual posts, just wanted to get something up before I lost my readers.

Coming soon....(I SWEAR) Our trip to Moab for Jack's 2nd Birthday and Angelversary, Super Kool Frisbee Golf course in Fountain Hills, Black Widow Invasion, Living room Carpet Be-Gone and much much more...maybe those dreaded Utahrd photos, I'm almost scared to look at them for fear of getting the Tri-illness Curse again.

Peace out for now,


ps. Thanks for hanging in there.
pss. I updated the previous post about Mazzy's hurt paw...go read it.

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