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Thursday, October 02, 2008

I SO Have To HAVE One!

While listening to Seniorita Pain in the ass Palin try to debate pretty blue tie Biden, I'm debating on whether to get a Costco card or Sam's Club card for the cheaper gas prices! Although I'm pretty set on going Costco for the locations, but on Sam's Club's front page I found this Shoprider Flagship Scooter with Cab! It's like a Micro Smart Car but not really cause it's not a car but anywho....Doesn't it remind you a little bit of the Harry Potter Knight Bus when it squeezed through the double deckers? And for $6,110.00, it's a steal! kidding bitches
Peace out!


tom 'target' taylor said...

sam's club bad. sam WALMART walton's club bad.

tom said...

that is quite cute though

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